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Can you complete a Power Automate Approval in Power Apps

I have a Vehicle Registration form created in Power Apps that writes to a SharePoint List. When a new item is written to that SharePoint List, a Power Automate Flow is started. It notifies the person who filled out the form that an approval process has started.


There will be 2 users working with the List items created in this Vehicle Registration form. One user works with all List items submitted where the submitter will have a vehicle on-site and one user works with all forms where the submitter will not have a vehicle on-site.


The user who is working with forms where the submitter will have a vehicle on-site, doesn't want to receive an email for each submitted form. He just wants to occasionally go out to his own Power app form and select each List item where he can enter some additional information (Permit Type, Permit Number, etc.), and approve or reject each List item on his own app. I am not sure if I start an approval process in Power Automate if I can approve or reject it in his Power Apps form or do I need to create an approval process in Power Apps?


The second user wants an email for each submitted form, but if she forgets to approve a submitted form from the email, can I create a Power App that has a gallery of unapproved List items that she can see which would allow her to approve or reject each submitted form?

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HI @Greg27 ,


Looking at the documentation for the Approvals Connector, you can only Start, Start and Wait, and Wait for approvals, so there is no option for Approvals/Rejections, so this can't be used: 


Approvals - Connectors | Microsoft Docs


What you can do, is to build something similar yourself where, for instance, based on the status ("Pending Approval") the list items are filtered for the approver. Once processed, the approver can then update the status of the items to "Approved" or "Rejected", which can be a trigger for further actions.

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