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Cannot Clear Attachments in PowerApps



I have created an app which has the possibility to add an attachment, and therefore is connected to a SharePoint list.

When I'm done creating an item in the SharePoint list with PowerApps and have added an attachment, I want to create a second item. But when I get to the screen where to add an attachment, the attachment from the previous added item is still visible.

This looks like the same problem as multiple users have described here and for those users there isn't a solution yet. Only for the poster of the item.


I have tried to use this:


All the fields are being resetted, except the attachment field.


If I remove the attachment with the "X" when I add the second item, and click on a button which have only ResetForm and NewForm as onSelect, the attachment will return. So, apparently the attachment wasn't really removed by clicking the X, otherwise it would not return right?


Any help would be appreciated on this strange matter.




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Trying to reproduce this issue, it apparently does not happen anymore. So, hopefully this issue won't come back anymore. For now it's solved.


Thanks for your help anyway!

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In addition to ResetForm(), by removing "Parent.Default" from "Items" property of the AttachmentDatacard resolved the issue for me.

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I have what I assume is the same issue, however mine is on "EditForm(myform)". For a few seconds the form will show the attachments from prior use with that form. Additionally, if an attachment is selected, I will actually get the old attachment and not the one associated with "thisitem" of the sharepoint list I am working with. I have set my navigation button from the gallery to be "ResetForm(myform);EditForm(myform);navigate(myform,none)" with no avail.

Anyone has a solution for this?

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Hi @Burner1 and @demanandy I found this blog post that deep dives attachments. The post does have a section on clearing attachments as well. i will include the link below. If it's not helpful please let me know and I will research further.



Hi @TopShelf-MSFT,


Thanks for your suggested solution.


The link of Laura describes how to get attachments into a collection, from the attachment control (linked to a SharePoint list). She describes how to clear the collection as well.


What I would like to have is that the attachment control it self (with all the attachments in it) is cleared with ResetForm, but that doesn't seem to work for my situation. 

If the form is being reset and you want to add a new item, the previous added attachments are visible, unless the ResetForm was used.

If needed, I can make a clip of what haappens to clarify.

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Thanks for the updated response @Burner1. If you could include a clip in the thread, I will add in someone from the Product Team and have them review. 





Trying to reproduce this issue, it apparently does not happen anymore. So, hopefully this issue won't come back anymore. For now it's solved.


Thanks for your help anyway!

This is still an issue, and it does depend on connection speed.


See attached video.   It only has about a second delay, but you can see the attachment update when I go to the form.  It is much slower when the network is slow.  Also note that if it is clicked before it changes, it pulls the wrong attachment.


Sorry about the background noise.



Please need you Help for this issue.


i have the same problem and it will stop full project to go live because of this issue.


Any one have a soultion for this.



This issue is not resolved. I am still facing issue. After submiting form using powerapp couple of times, it come with previous attached file by default. 


Surprised to see this kind of weird thing.


Any help would be appreciated.

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