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Cannot Clear Attachments in PowerApps



I have created an app which has the possibility to add an attachment, and therefore is connected to a SharePoint list.

When I'm done creating an item in the SharePoint list with PowerApps and have added an attachment, I want to create a second item. But when I get to the screen where to add an attachment, the attachment from the previous added item is still visible.

This looks like the same problem as multiple users have described here and for those users there isn't a solution yet. Only for the poster of the item.


I have tried to use this:


All the fields are being resetted, except the attachment field.


If I remove the attachment with the "X" when I add the second item, and click on a button which have only ResetForm and NewForm as onSelect, the attachment will return. So, apparently the attachment wasn't really removed by clicking the X, otherwise it would not return right?


Any help would be appreciated on this strange matter.




@demanandy yes, that is a separate problem, one we are aware of.  
The orginal post was marked as solved though, did that work-around work for you?

- not, please private message me if you can't share with everyone
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Currently I have not gotten any workaround to work.  


The user must wait to make sure the new attachment list loads before clicking.  So you are working on it?  Is there another work around?

We are still facing same issue. No workaround worked for me.
Is MS working on this ? Does anyone have any workaround ?

@Soyeb_Malek  No Update Or Help from PowerApss Team

Does anybody have a reliable repro of this?

If so, could you please share it with me, or open a support call?

Helper I
Helper I

I have not found a solution or workaround for this.

Power Apps
Power Apps

I believe we have some confusion on this thread as we are discussing two separate Attachments issues and it is not clear which issue is being referenced in which post.  In  order to make some progress here, can I suggest that the original poster describes again his current problem with the latest PowerApps runtime?


If you are having a separate problem, do you mind describing it in another thread (and @reference me in it) and that way we'll be able to look into each issue separately.


Thanks, hopefully this will help us get to the bottom of both issues faster.

- not, please private message me if you can't share with everyone

In addition to ResetForm(), by removing "Parent.Default" from "Items" property of the AttachmentDatacard resolved the issue for me.

I have implemented this solution.  It looks good so far.  Thank you for sharing!

I have implemented this solution and it did not solve the issue.


1) removing parent.default from the items just removes all items

2) placing ThisItem.Attachments into the place of Parent.Default results in the same behavior.


Attachments box still shows old attachments until new ones are recognized (slow with slower network) resulting in opening wrong attachments.


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