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Cannot Clear Attachments in PowerApps



I have created an app which has the possibility to add an attachment, and therefore is connected to a SharePoint list.

When I'm done creating an item in the SharePoint list with PowerApps and have added an attachment, I want to create a second item. But when I get to the screen where to add an attachment, the attachment from the previous added item is still visible.

This looks like the same problem as multiple users have described here and for those users there isn't a solution yet. Only for the poster of the item.


I have tried to use this:


All the fields are being resetted, except the attachment field.


If I remove the attachment with the "X" when I add the second item, and click on a button which have only ResetForm and NewForm as onSelect, the attachment will return. So, apparently the attachment wasn't really removed by clicking the X, otherwise it would not return right?


Any help would be appreciated on this strange matter.




Hi @Soyeb_Malek ,


Still facing same issue and i try a lot of way but not success.


There's work around but it's not a solution to Redirect to Sharepoint list after submit so the form it will load as new form with clear attachments.

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I am having this issue also.


Would greatly appreciate some help on this!

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This is definitely not solved and seems quite random. I have one form I can clear and won't form that won't clear. As I fiddle with the NewForm and ResetForm sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes all it takes is just changing something within the app. 


Really annoying...

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I've been able to recreate the issue every single time by submitting a form with a file attached.  After the form submits, all the fields are reset successfully except the attachments which shows the very first attachment in the source list (I've tested on multiple computers/accounts and they all see the same attachment).  The OnSuccess property is set to:





I've experimented with the above properties as well as trying to reset the attachment area by itself.  I've also tried stripping the Attachment DataCard's Item property of Parent.Default to only be that in Edit mode but be blank in New mode using conditional logic.

haha, you jinxed my forms. I had two forms in the same tenant, browser, etc working two different ways, now both of my forms are behaving identically as well....


And the fact that this has been going on for at least 6 months now...

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Any experts have any information about this?


I may open a new thread in hopes of getting more visibility if I don't hear back from someone soon!  I'm worried because this is an older thread that people aren't responding.



Sorry about the delay here, we thought this was resolved, but it may not have or perhaps there is another issue.


Is the reset button in the same form as the control or is it outside the form?  Can you try putting the reset button inside the same data card as the attachment control (you need to unlock the card in its advanced properties first) and see if reset works?

- not, please private message me if you can't share with everyone

I try it but still same problem, the attached not clear after submit it's showing the first attached file in SP list.

Temprarry: i make launch to URL for same list but it's not user practice.


I Have a big problem because of this issue, May it cause cancelation of big project made PowerApps.


Please need your Help

I cannot reproduce the problem with the reset button in the same data card as the attachment field.


What I see is:

  1. When I delete or add attachments in the control I see the changes in the control.
  2. When I click reset (from within the data card), the changes I made in step one are reversed.
  3. When I submit the form, the changes I made in step 1 are not saved. After save, control is as in step 2.

All of these are expected behaviour.  


Is this not what you are seeing?  I recommend opening a support call or an ICM as a better way to deal with the issue faster if it is an urgency.

- not, please private message me if you can't share with everyone



you are adressing another users issue, and not the original one I posted.  I also posted a gif to show the app pulling up the previous attachments for a short period (depending on network speed) before finally switching to the correct attachments.  I have used resets from everywhere prior to loading the form to no avail.


This is an annoyance and has resulted in opening the wrong files several times.

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