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Cannot add existing canvas app into solution

Issue Description

Last day I try to deploy my one canvas app 'Training'( Mobile App ) to another environment so that I need to add my existing canvas app into my solution: Training UAT Deployment Solution, but before my teammate does not create it on a solution but directly use Power App Portal.

So that when I try to add my existing app into the solution, this app is located at Outside DataVerse.  After clicking the 'Add' button, the error message shows like that: 

The app 'Training' cannot be added to the specified solution because it is already solution aware. Please manage this application's solutions through the solution management experience.


It's very weird that:

  1. After clicking this button I cannot see 'Training' in this solution.
  2. After clicking this button I cannot see 'Training' when clicking add existing canvas pop-up frame, which means that I cannot see this app at the solution level anymore. 

It's the same issue as MeghanaMothiki's Issue, but that's not any response from MS anymore, so I post it again.


For Your Information

  1. Post a request to Odata API (MyInstantce/api/data/v9.1/canvasapps), then I got the responses, it lists all my canvas app but no 'Training'.
  2. I cannot see this app in this environment's default solution.
  3. I can see this app in PowerApps Portal - Left panel - Apps - list, and I could play it.
  4. I tried to use different views no matter how classic solution mode or turn on/off solution management experience, I could not see this app anymore. 


Looking forwards to your reply in any way, or you could post a message to my personal mail


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Hi @WarrenBelz@StalinPonnusamy@RandyHayes,@Pstork1@CNT.

May need your help here.

Dual Super User
Dual Super User

Does this app call a Power Automate flow from a button?  If it does then it can only be added to a solution that already contains the flow. And flows that start using a Power Automate trigger can't be added to a solution.  They must be built in the solution to begin with.


If that is your scenario, then you can try removing the flows from the Power App and see if it will then import into the solution.  If that works you'll then have to rebuild the flows inside the solution from scratch and re-attach them to the Power App.

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Hi Pstork1,

I tried the solution which you provided but unfortunately, it doesn't work. 

We assume that these apps haven't been registered in [canvasapps] entity which belongs to each environment's DataVerse, so that in the Solution Management Portal we could not find those canvas app. 
We raise a support ticket to Microsoft already, once I get any solution will get back to you thanks.

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