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Cannot convert undefined or null to object



I have a vacation flow created some times ago; in the last iteration I added an update action where I update a field in SharePoint. This flow work without issue; now I'm trying to change the position of the action in the tree related to management, but if I try to create the action and delete the old action I have the error in the "Subject".


Any idea?





Marco Mangiante

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Same issue here, since this morning.  Co ask.

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Ditto, here. I am trying to add a couple more names to the CC line of an automated email. Literally changed nothing else, and I'm getting this error message (which, unhelpfully, doesn't even highlight which piece of my flow is causing it to throw the error).


Same as OP: no errors in the flow before this, and it runs fine --> just won't let me update that field. 


Buggy update, maybe? Any clue what the issue is?



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Same issue.

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After some testing with my flow, all my "SharePoint - Update Item" actions are causing the issue.  I started deleting each object one at a time to find the problem.  Narrowed it down to this action.  I must recreate all of these action types, which is a real annoyance.  Microsoft, can you fix?


I've also noticed that when selecting the "Site Address" from the dropdown, my site in question no longer appears and I must manually type it in.  We haven't made changes to the sites or lists.

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Hi I figured out the solution, very silly one, but works.


My flow has more than 10 actions including nested For each applies.   To investigate the issue, I made a copy of the flow, and remove each step to see if I can update then, and finally figured it's Sharepoint list update action make the difference.

So, I removed all Update Sharepoint list actions, and update the flow with my new changes, update ran successfully.  I readded back those update actions at the end of the flow, they were in the middle of the flow.  In my case, it doesn't matter the position and order of these action.


I don't know if it helps.

We have a ton of these to update.  I'm hoping this doesn't affect all my flows.  😞

Since you re-created those steps and saved your workflow, have you gone back in to attempt to edit anything else? If I were to re-create all my SharePoint-related steps in my biggest workflow, it's probably hours of work, so I wanted to see if it stays "fixed" after all that, or if you (at least, currently) have to re-create those steps every time you want to make some sort of update/change to the flow.

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yes, update any change is ok after my re-creation.

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