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Advocate V
Advocate V

Re: Cannot remove selected item from dropdown fields

Thanks @LRVinNCSmiley Very Happy I only wish I'd taken the time to read the whole thread yesterday! 

Super User
Super User

Re: Cannot remove selected item from dropdown fields

@LRVinNC @joshnystrom

That was going to be my next question - what are the app settings and do any impact this.

So @LRVinNC you seem to be the only one that has an actual app that this works in...and now we know the answer and an answer for @gh1 - turn on Formula-level Error Management!


Great sleuth work!!

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Re: Cannot remove selected item from dropdown fields

@RandyHayes  / @joshnystrom  / @LRVinNC  - Thank you all for your help! Smiley Very Happy


As you discovered, enabling the "Formula-level error management" Experimental feature was the fix - for all my column types. 

As this is an experimental setting, I really hope PowerApps makes this a core feature in the future. A little unsettling seeing the disclosure that this feature could break or be removed at anytime. I would hate to lose this functionality. But for now, I will take it as a win. 


Thanks again.

Advocate V
Advocate V

Re: Cannot remove selected item from dropdown fields

@gh1 You're most welcome - happy to help!

Thanks also to @RandyHayes and @LRVinNC for working on this, and doubly to Randy for bringing me in.


I share your concerns about relying on an experimental feature for this capability. That concern motivated me to pindown what can and can't be done without it. Part of my writeup was accepted as solution here - - and I plan to rework my posts in related threads in the coming days so that each thread has all of the information in a single message for reference.


All that to say, if the functionality were to be lost for any reason, we should expect to be able to fall back to the workaround. It may be more complex, but it isn't bending the platform to accomplish these updates. Fingers crossed!




Advocate III
Advocate III

Re: Cannot remove selected item from dropdown fields

I know this is an old thread, but it's still the first one that comes up in a google search and I learned something important about the Experimental feature - Formula Error Management.


Turning on this feature will disable any default values coming from your Sharepoint List.


I learned this the hard way when trying to address people's complaints that they couldn't undo a choice by using the 'x' button.

Suddenly, important default values were not being saved into new items created in the app, wreaking a bit of havoc one Monday morning.


Instead, in the OnChange property of your choice field in question, use an If(IsBlank(Patch() formula to update the field immediately to "" . This fixes the problem and does not rely on unstable features.


For reference, the formula I use is OnChange:

        {ChoiceFieldName: {Value: ""}}


Using this formula on the OnChgane Property means that users can still use the 'x' button and it will behave as expected.





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