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Cannot scroll through Flows list in PowerApps



I am unable to scroll through the Flow list in PowerApps. I have tried zoom out in Browser, I see more flows then, but not to the flow that  I need (and this can't be a solution). This feature was working fine till yesterday. Kindly help me with a solution at the earliest.


It would be also nice to have a search option for the flows, it gets tedious to manually look through all Flow names to find the right one.





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@v-micsh-msft Is there an ETA or any update on this. I am having more issues with this, because the moment i am trying to add a new datasource (SQL table), all my existing connections (SQL tables and Flows) are lost and I get this error "Connection not configured for this service". I started getting this issue over 2 weeks ago, but it was just for SQL tables. So I added them back again, but this time it is for both SQL tables and flows and I am unable to add the flows back again, because the scroll option is not available. Please help me with a solution. And let me know if I should provide any more info


I'm seeing the same thing. Tried Chrome, IE & Edge. I can't select the flow I need because it it too far down on the list.

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Advocate I

I am dead in the water. The worst UI in the world for programming is now activly stopping my work. Need to do the old "remove" a flow and re-create because of a change in the flow connections (sigh), and now I can't pick or create a new flow in the app because the number of flows I have runs off the screen.




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Hi Agnues,


I've been having the same issue - I thought they'd fixed this a while back when they moved to the web-client, but it looks like it's back.


You can type in the name of the flow in the "OnSelect" property of your button and it should find it, but again this shouldn't be the solution - the UI needs some work. A search function is definitely needed. Alternatively a way to link flows to a specific application - rather than just ALL the flows you've ever created being in the list.


Hope they fix it soon - it's driving me bananas!


Kind regards,



My fix was brute force. Flip the monitor from Landscape to Portrait, so the list is long enough to see all of it.



That, my friend, is what we call creative thinking, and it will not be tolerated! 🙂

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I just came accross this as well.....I am stunned that I cannot scroll to pick my

For anyone monitoring this thread, @Mr-Dang-MSFT has reported this bug to the team. More details are here.

"In the interim, if you need to connect a flow, you can zoom out in your browser until the panel is small enough to reveal the flow you desire."

This works. Goofy, but works.

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