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Canvas App Camera Control - one tap multiple photos

Over the past few weeks I am getting reports that users of one of our Canvas Power Apps, running via the Android Mobile Player, are finding that when they tap once on the camera control to take a photo, multiple photos are taken (around 10). Note - this is camera control, not Add Media button.

The workforce is field based so difficult to get good info on numbers affected, frequency and so on.

This is an App that has been in use for a few years and we have not had this reported previously so I do not believe this is user error, dirty screens or the like.

I have not been able to reproduce so far on a test device that matches that in use by the workforce.

There are also reports that sometimes, if the screen with the camera control is open, it will take multiple photos without being touched at all.

Not quite sure how prevalent the issue is - seems to be a relatively small % of the 200+ users, but certainly affecting a few users.

We have had quite a few different issues with the camera control over the years such as camera viewer 'freezing' the red channel being dropped (resulting in pictures in shades of blue) so I don't think MS test Power Apps releases thoroughly/at all against this specific device (Xiaomi Redmi Note 8).


Anyone else seeing this?

Have advised that users should attempt to update to the latest version of the Power Apps player to see if that helps at all.


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