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Advocate II

Canvas App in Webplayer - Scaling issue

Been working on an app for several months (before responsive design was available), and getting ready to launch to our users. But as of a week ago, when running any of our portrait canvas apps in the webplayer with any browser, we have noticed that the scaling is off. No matter what options are changed, the bottom of the app is missing when viewed at 100%. If I change the view to 80% I can see the entire app, but this is not a good solution for rolling out to hundreds of users.

Before I contact Microsoft support, I wanted to see if anyone else in the community has experienced this, or if there is a setting I am missing. We will be working on making the app responsive but don't have time to rework that before our launch date. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you.Annotation 2019-04-18 100530.png


Annotation 2019-04-17 165842.png


Annotation 2019-04-17 170227.png



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@Anonymous @Mr-Dang-MSFT wanted to provide an update (solution) to this issue, which is firewall related. As Office 365 exposes the link to Dynamics 365 on the portal, with no way to block or disable, our IT department had blocked the url to keep users from exploring dynamics. The scaling on the webplayer for powerapps loads a javascript from which was being blocked. Once we disabled this rule, the webplayer functioned properly and the icons in the upper right were visible again. In case anyone else runs into this issue, that was what we found. Thanks again for your time and assistance. 

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I don't know any way else than that (manual setting) :


@Anonymous, is this happening to you too?


@gilmara, to clarify, when you tested on multiple browsers, that included the browsers on other people's computers too?

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Yes it is happening for most of my users but I never noticed that was a bug... I thought it was normal!

If you can give me a way to take this off, I will be glad 🙂





Yes, multiple apps, multiple browsers, and multiple users. Seems to be tenant-wide behavior. Was noticed after version 3.19034.12 of powerapps platform release. Mobile apps are fine, only webplayer for canvas apps in portrait mode. Thank you. 

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Memorable Member

I've noticed the bottom ~10% or so is cut off as well when a portrait app initially loads. The app then "snaps" into the correct view a few seconds after loading.
Google Chrome 64 bit latest.

That is the normal behavior we experienced up until the latest PowerApps release version, 3.19034.12. The snapping no longer occurs. Google Chrome, Edge, IE, Edge Chromium.

@gilmara @Anonymous ,

I've not been able to replicate the app being trimmed off. Can you share more details on your operating system settings, screen resolution, DPI?

Thank you so much for the continued support. I did submit a service ticket with Microsoft but they stated they do not control the scaling of powerapps in the webplayer. 

Windows 10 Enterprise version 1809 64-bit

OS build 17763.437

Dell P2214H Monitors on Nvidia Quadro K2100M

1920 x 1080 Resolution

Text Scaling is set to 100%

Like I mentioned in the original post, its all web browsers, all apps and all users. But for reference, I'm using Chrome 73.0.3683.103 64-bit.


My guess is that the top black bar in the webplayer is the culprit. Once we noticed this issue, we also noticed that the icons and images in the black bar at the far right are no longer present. If I google image search powerapps web players I can see the icons that we used to see. And this black bar at the top with the app name is exactly the same size as the amount of space missing from the bottom. Another user in this thread mentioned the "snap" that used to occur. We used to see that but once this issue started happening it no longer snaps. Thanks again, take care.


When I tested this on a different network it works. About 4 seconds after loading, it snaps to proper scale. Could a firewall rule be blocking some javascript?

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