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Canvas app gallery with N:N Relationship

Hi.  I'm a bit new to power apps, and I'm struggling a bit to figure out how to achieve a gallery using dataverse tables with N:N relationships.


This blog post has gotten me so far:

Option Sets and Many-to-Many Relationships for Canvas apps | Microsoft Power Apps 


(EDIT: Update Link above)


The example uses 1 gallery to select items, and then will modify the content of the second gallery depending on which item is selected in the first.


I would like to basically have gallery 1 filtered on, say today's date. This I can do just fine using a date picker (I use this so that I can change the date).  All is working as per the example.


My problem is, that I want to show related records in gallery 2 for all the records in gallery 1 not just the one selected. 


As an example, suppose I have a class and that class has a set number of work benches.  People can book in at a certain time and can possibly bring their friends.  I would basically like to list everyone who is present (and potentially add people if someone shows up who is not already in the list). 


People will come back again and again, hence the N:N relationship. (it is actually possible for them to book 2 as well, but this is a bit of an edge case)


so, Gallery1 would be say workbench bookings filtered by date and then Gallery2 would be the people who are booked on all the workbenches.


I'm a bit stuck on how to implement this.   I've tried quite a number of things, including for example ForAll(Gallery1.AllItems, ThisRecord.People) or just ForAll(Gallery1.AllItems, People) as well as various filter options but I can't seem to get it to work. 


Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated.



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Apologies to all, I've included the incorrect link.


The article I was referring to was in fact this one:


Option Sets and Many-to-Many Relationships for Canvas apps | Microsoft Power Apps

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