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Cascading dropdown field value not getting saved to SharePoint list

Hello All,


I have created 2 SharePoint list -

  • MasterData
  • Status

"MasterData" list contains all my working data. In this MasterData list I have created "Status" column and "DetailedStatus" Column as choice fields with drop-down menu option selected.


"Status" list, contains 2 columns - "Status" and "DetailedStatus"


In my powerapps, Gallery1 is linked to MasterData. On clicking item in Gallery1, it redirects to Viewform page where View form property is set as "Gallery1.selected" which showcases data based on details mentioned in MasterData list. I have created a edit button on this Viewform page which redirects the user to EditForm page. Edit form property is also selected as "Gallery1.selected".


Using Shane Young video on Youtube to create cascading dropdown, I created a dependant dropdown for DetailedStatus column based on Status value. Basically I deleted the DetailedStatus DataCardValue and added a ComboBox1. Formula for DetailedStatus ComboBox1 is as follows - 

Distinct(Filter('Status',Status = DataCardValue40.Selected.Value),DetailedStatus)


DataCardValue40 represent Status DataCardValue. I have changed "DetailedStatusDataCard" update field ComboBox1.Selected. On clicking save button, following formula get executed

SubmitForm(EditForm); Back();Notify("Changes updated successfully",NotificationType.Success)


But here the value selected in ComboBox1 is not getting saved. If I try to click save multiple times, it is somehow saving random dropdown values for other listbox in the form but the ComboBox1 field is always blank. Cascading dropdown works but guess the EditForm data is not getting saved to MasterData list.


Can someone help here please?






@RachelRig One suggestion I read it for my main SP List, the fields I'm saving the Dropdown values to should be plain text fields, but then another suggestion is to have them as lookup fields.  Wondering what would be the best approach.

Thanks again for your input, I appreciate it.

Kudo Collector
Kudo Collector

**UPDATE**  @kmw1130 

It does indeed seem to be some difference between a ComboBox control and a Dropdown control. I tried recreating it both ways and the Dropdown box appears to be working. I deleted the existing control, added a new DROPDOWN control, then renamed it ddStatusOptions. I set up the filtering/dependency on the RequestType exactly as before. Then set the Update property of the datacard to: ddStatusOptions.SelectedText -- and it is now saving to SharePoint!



I had resolved this issue for one app, but now it's happening on a different app and I can't find a solution. The Update property of the datacard is set to Selected -- NOT Selected.Result -- because it will not accept that syntax. Powerapps seems happy with all my syntax but will not save changes to the second dropdown. Can anyone tell me what is wrong? Why won't the Status value save to my SharePoint list? Is there some nuance between a dropdown box and a combo box that causes one to not save?


Parent dropdown has hard-coded values. This is DataCardValue28:


Dependent dropdown is filtering a reference list named VQRStatus that maps the RequestType and Status values in the appropriate combinations:



The Update property of the dependent datacard is set like so (because this is the only syntax Powerapps will accept). I cannot add "Result" or "Value" to the end of it. The combobox inside this datacard is DataCardValue23:




This seems incredibly finicky. Why isn't this easier?

Worked like a champ for me. I tried and wasted too many hours trying to accomplish this myself. Thank you Experts!!

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Same Issue here.  Both dropdowns take there values from another data source.  I have these set correctly and they show up in the dropdown.  They cascade correctly in that the second Dropdown filters via the first.  The 'Update' method on both cards are set to the dropdown.selected value.  They just don't save. 

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