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Changes in editable form - Submit form on button doesn't save, even there pops up message created On Success of Form



1) I have simple power app where is Gallery created - after item selection it takes you to the form -  editable mode, so you can change any information and Save.

There is "Submit Form" connected to Save button  + message on Failure also On Success of form to make sure that it works fine.

Everything is connected directly to data source on sharepoint where are no more than 20 items in total. 


Could you please advise, what could be wrong? Information is changed in Form in Power App but not in data source.


Thank you


Resolver II
Resolver II

Hi @Anonymous


Can you show me the code of the Update propiety from the DataCards in your form?

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thank you for your reply. 



Update Datacard.PNG


Resolver II
Resolver II

The Update looks fine.

What about the button? Are you using the same button to submit New forms and Edit forms? 

Is the App doing anything at all? Do you see any changes in SharePoint?

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I think I missed some small thing in process, I'll xplain the process in details to you to better see logic behind...


The first step for Requestor is to  fill the Form2 (displaymode New)  in "Fix Issue Screen" - > click Submit - then there is created new item in sharepoint source. It works fine. 


The second step ( in case of status "Returned to Requestor") - Requestor goes to the gallery of all raised items

- select item with status "Returned to Requestor" 

- there is selected parent item 

- Requestor is taken to the screen "Fix issue Details" which is different from first step

- he should makes required changes in "Form2_3"

- Click Submit (different from Submit button from first screen)

- after this Submission information are saved in Gallery + in item details  but not in sharepoint data source. 





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Oh, but I think I know where the issue comes from. I am using this form for posibility of editing item which could be open from different galleries. 

Each gallery is based on Status of issue... "Returned to Requestor", "New"... 


S I had to use variable to distinguish from which Gallery I came from and where to go back. So there is the following condition on Item: 


If(var1galleryitemselected=true, Gallery1.Selected,


I tried to use only If(vargalleryrequestorraisedissue=true,GalleryRaisedIssuesRequestor.Selected) - save changes and it works...





Resolver II
Resolver II

If you see the items modified in the gallery, they must be saved somewhere.

Can you show me the code of the Submit button?

Well then, the issue was probably coming from the variables.

You have to make sure that all the other variables have a false value.

It would be easier if you used only one variable for all this code. Let's say you can come to this screen from both Gallery1 and Gallery1_1. You could have a variable (varGalleryItemSelected) with values '1' and '1_1'.

Then you could use a switch to select the variable:


 "1", Gallery1.Selected,

 "1_1", Gallery1.Selected,



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with the "Issue form" you were right, if it was saved in gallery so it had to be saved in data source as well.

It was, but with the delay - cool, thank you. 


I have one more form called "Project form" in the same app ( same functionality as Issue form),

but this one was not saved at all after click Submit. Data was not saved even in the gallery.

So what I did I deleted problematic (Status)  datacard then  inserted it again to the Form with same conditions and it is working now. Strange, but it works.

It reminds me that more cases I had to do that same... Do you have any idea why it is happening? 
In these cases datacards stopped working without any change in the App. 


Thank you a lot. 

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