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Check for Duplicates in SharePoint list before Form Submit

I have a form where a user can enter an Out of Office request and the person is not allowed to enter the request for the same role twice unless the first request was completed or in this case "Processed"
This is for a new entry, not edit.
The lookup field being used is "Role Name" that looks up the role from the "Roles" List.
The person enters the to and from dates they will be out of office, enters a "Role Owner" and a "Delegate" to handle approvals while out of office.
What I was hoping I can do, and I looked everywhere online and found various of solutions, but none really related towards what I was looking for.  
Is it possible to look at a list before submitting the form and compare it with a DataCard Entry and check the "Approval Status" is equal to "Processed". If the Role Name = the DataCard Role Name and the Approval Status equals "Processed" then submit the form else show a warning and hide the submit button.


Got it!!!
I had to use the "!" character and then with your help I was able to come up with this and it works.

I know you said that the "Not Equals" is not delegable, I knew that which is fine because I don't plan on keeping over 2000 records in the list anyway. 
Mr. Hippo you are a life saver.
Got me thinking differently.


Awesome !!! sorry that it took forever to debug. Glad you were able to figure it out 🙂


Cheers !!!

Please don't apologize, your assistance was invaluable in helping me.
Thank you again!
It's called team work! 🙂

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