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Check if item exists in list of values

I'm looking for a fuction to replace the following psuedocode:


//Returns true if textbox1.text is in the list of dropdown items.

EDIT: Made an edit to make the problem easier to explain.



Hi @agneum ,

I misunderstood your question - I will leave you with @eka24 

@WarrenBelz  I was just very unclear. What I could do is turn the list of countries into a collection and use the Filter + Count methods on it to determine if it's in the list. But was hoping I could use another control (and its items property where I have all the values it could have defined) as the source of the list to check against instead, if that makes sense.

I couldn't use dropdown.items as a datasource, so I suspect it's not possible to do.

Thanks for your help!


Hi @agneum ,

I also should have seen your level and realised you would have thought of the solution I posted.

I think you are on the right track.

If the idea is to limit calls to your database, create a collection and then use the collection as the dropdown list :


ClearCollect( Countries,    { City: "London",    Country: "United Kingdom"},    { City: "Berlin",    Country: "Germany"},    { City: "Madrid",    Country: "Spain"},    { City: "Hamburg",   Country: "Germany"},    { City: "Barcelona", Country: "Spain"},    { City: "Munich",    Country: "Germany"})


ClearCollect (Countries,YourTableName) The use Countries as a list for the dropdown


Adding screen shot may help clarify issues.

Seems like a collection is the way to go. But since the dropdown is a lookup on a static table, it would be nice to somehow specify "this is the list of values this dropdown can be" directly in the property. 


Is that you want a massage to be Shown?
If you can explain further.
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I have a table named "Programs" in a SQL server db and it is the datasource for a Listbox in PowerApps Canvas.

The listbox is an multi-select one and I was successful to save the select Program ID into the database under a concatenated string (for example: 538,539 - where 538 and 539 are the program ids and "," is the delimiter).


Now I want to retrieve the record and display it on a Detail screen but instead of IDs in the database, I want to display the Program's names. If there is one program selected, I know I can use the following code


Filter('[dbo].[ProgramCodes]', ProgramID = ThisItem.ProgramID).ProgramName


but the issue is this listbox is the multi-select one and I can have more than 1 program selected. How can I do that?

Also tried: Filter('[dbo].[ProgramCodes]', ProgramID in Split(ThisItem.ProgramID, ",")).ProgramName but didn't work.

@brianng2 ,

This is an old closed thread, can you please create a new one with your query.

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If("Text" in DataCardValue.Selected.Value, true,false)

If("Text" in Concat(ComboBox1.SelectedItems, Value&","),true)

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