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Helper III
Helper III

Check specific meeting room availability



Im wondering how can i get availability for the specific room for the next X hours and display it in the gallery?


Any tips to get specific rooms availability?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Markie ,


You can get availability for the specific room for the next X hours and display it in the gallery.

I do a demo which can realize your requirement:

1.Add a Office 365 Outlook connector.

2.Add a datepicker control.

3.Set a variable in the Onselect property of DatePicker:

ClearCollect(Times, {Text: "12:00 am", Minutes: 0}, {Text: "12:30 am", Minutes: 30}, {Text: "1:00 am", Minutes: 60}, {Text: "1:30 am", Minutes: 90}, {Text: "2:00 am", Minutes: 120}, {Text: "2:30 am", Minutes: 150}, {Text: "3:00 am", Minutes: 180}, {Text: "3:30 am", Minutes: 210}, {Text: "4:00 am", Minutes: 240}, {Text: "4:30 am", Minutes: 270}, {Text: "5:00 am", Minutes: 300}, {Text: "5:30 am", Minutes: 330}, {Text: "6:00 am", Minutes: 360}, {Text: "6:30 am", Minutes: 390}, {Text: "7:00 am", Minutes: 420}, {Text: "7:30 am", Minutes: 450}, {Text: "8:00 am", Minutes: 480}, {Text: "8:30 am", Minutes: 510}, {Text: "9:00 am", Minutes: 540}, {Text: "9:30 am", Minutes: 570}, {Text: "10:00 am", Minutes: 600}, {Text: "10:30 am", Minutes: 630}, {Text: "11:00 am", Minutes: 660}, {Text: "11:30 am", Minutes: 690}, {Text: "12:00 pm", Minutes: 720}, {Text: "12:30 pm", Minutes: 750}, {Text: "1:00 pm", Minutes: 780}, {Text: "1:30 pm", Minutes: 810}, {Text: "2:00 pm", Minutes: 840}, {Text: "2:30 pm", Minutes: 870}, {Text: "3:00 pm", Minutes: 900}, {Text: "3:30 pm", Minutes: 930}, {Text: "4:00 pm", Minutes: 960}, {Text: "4:30 pm", Minutes: 990}, {Text: "5:00 pm", Minutes: 1020}, {Text: "5:30 pm", Minutes: 1050}, {Text: "6:00 pm", Minutes: 1080}, {Text: "6:30 pm", Minutes: 1110}, {Text: "7:00 pm", Minutes: 1140}, {Text: "7:30 pm", Minutes:1170}, {Text: "8:00 pm", Minutes: 1200}, {Text: "8:30 pm", Minutes: 1230}, {Text: "9:00 pm", Minutes: 1260}, {Text: "9:30 pm", Minutes: 1290}, {Text: "10:00 pm", Minutes: 1320}, {Text: "10:30 pm", Minutes: 1350}, {Text: "11:00 pm", Minutes: 1380}, {Text: "11:30 pm", Minutes: 1410});

4.Add two drop down controls and set the Items property of them to Collection Timers

5.Add a button named Confirm

6.Set the OnSelect property of button to:

Set(StartDateTime, DateAdd(DatePicker1.SelectedDate, StartTime.SelectedText.Minutes, Minutes));

Set(EndDateTime, DateAdd(StartDateTime, If(StartTime.SelectedText.Minutes >= EndTime.SelectedText.Minutes, EndTime.SelectedText.Minutes + 1440 -StartTime.SelectedText.Minutes, EndTime.SelectedText.Minutes - StartTime.SelectedText.Minutes), Minutes));

Set(StartDateTimeUTC, Text(DateAdd(StartDateTime, TimeZoneOffset(), Minutes), "[$-en-US]yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm") & ":00.000Z");

Set(EndDateTimeUTC, Text(DateAdd(EndDateTime, TimeZoneOffset(), Minutes), "[$-en-US]yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm") & ":00.000Z");

Set(StartTimeMinutes, StartTime.SelectedText.Minutes);

Set(EndTimeMinutes, If(EndTime.SelectedText.Minutes < StartTime.SelectedText.Minutes, EndTime.SelectedText.Minutes + 24*60, StartTime.SelectedText.Minutes));

ClearCollect(AllRooms, Office365Outlook.GetRoomLists().value);      Set(AllRoomsConnector, Concat(FirstN(AllRooms, 20), Address & ";"));

Set(AllRoomsConnector, Concat(AllRooms, Address & ";"));

ClearCollect(AvailableRooms, Office365Outlook.FindMeetingTimesV2({RequiredAttendees: AllRoomsConnector, IsOrganizerOptional: true,

 Start: StartDateTimeUTC, End: EndDateTimeUTC, MeetingDuration: DateDiff(StartDateTime, EndDateTime, Minutes),MinimumAttendeePercentage: "1", ActivityDomain: "Unrestricted"}));

ClearCollect(AvailableRoomsSorted, First(AvailableRooms).meetingTimeSuggestions);


ClearCollect(AvailableRoomEmails, Split(First(AvailableRoomsFree).Value, ","));

ClearCollect(AvailableRoomEmailName, AddColumns(RenameColumns(AvailableRoomEmails, "Result", "Email"), "Name", LookUp(AllRooms, Email = Address).Name));

7.Add a gallery and set the items property of it to CollectionAvailableRoomEmailName

8.When you select the date ,start and end time, click Cofrim button, the available rooms will display in the gallery as below:



Here is a ralated template which can meet the same requirements and you can find it in

Choose ‘Create’ and type ‘book’ in the ‘Start from template’ and choose “Book A Room”



Hope it helps!




Hmmm, it seems that the following collections:

AvailableRoomEmails, AvailableRoomEmailName, AvailableRoomsSorted,AvailableRoomsFree


Are all blank 😞 


Hi @Markie ,


Is there any values in collection 'AvailableRooms'? Because 'Office365Outlook.FindMeetingTimesV2' is the key to get available rooms.

Besides, could you please share the formula in your side or anything error you are facing?





here's how the collection looks like 😞


Hi @Markie ,


There isn't any value in your AvailableRooms, i think that you miss the parameters in function Office365Outlook.FindMeetingTimesV2(). Please make sure the right parameters and there is available rooms during you selected time period.

Additionally, if you are still in the trouble with this function, you can find the related app in

1.Choose ‘Create’ and type ‘book’ in the ‘Start from template’ and choose “Book A Room”

2.Open it and find the sample of using function Office365Outlook.FindMeetingTimesV2() here:

sample.PNGHope it helps!




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