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Checkbox and Data Type In SQL

I couldnt find a reference...but what is the supported data source for a checkbox if the database is an Azure SQL? 

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @BrendonBrooksP1

I have successfully patched to Azure SQL bit data type using the true or false values in PowerApps.

Hope this helps.

Cool. Bit it is


So under the Advanced menu, would I change the OnCheck property to True and leave the default on UnCheck to False? 


Since I'm using Patch, I'm assuming to write to the DB you would use the following:


Patch('[dbo].[UsageForm]', Defaults('[dbo].[UsageForm]'), { Option1: CheckBox1, Option2: CheckBox2}) 

hi @BrendonBrooksP1


Some corrections.


1) There is no need for the OnCheck property unless you want to take some action when someone checks the box (i.e. for example patch immediately)  So you can leave it as blank (i.e. don't write anything) or false (i.e. take no action).  Similarly UnCheck takes action when someone unchecks the box


2) The correct patch syntax is this:

Patch('[dbo].[UsageForm]', Defaults('[dbo].[UsageForm]'), {Option1: CheckBox1.Value, Option2: CheckBox2.Value}) 

PS I have posted about this in many other places, but the use of Defaults slows down performance since a call will first be made to determine those defaults.  What I normally do is load the default record in a global variable with the OnStart property of the first screen and then use that global record type variable instead.




So If I understand this correctly, by simply changing the OnStart property to, for example:



Set(DefaultDb, '[dbo].[Test]')

Then, PowerApps more or less sets our dbo.Test  as a default database. Now when I want to save a record, would I do this command?



Collect(DefaultDb, {Column1: Data1, Column2: Data2, Column3: Data3})

 Seems like a more efficient way of saving to a database. Thanks for your help




Hi @BrendonBrooksP1

I am not sure that you can make a data source into a variable, actually I am pretty sure you cannot.

Variables can only store tables, records or values, I think.



So what is option1 an option 2?


Patch('[dbo].[UsageForm]', Defaults('[dbo].[UsageForm]'), {Option1: CheckBox1.Value, Option2: CheckBox2.Value})


Are these the field names?

I have my check box field names set as "bit" in sql tables. How should I declare those in the patch()?

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