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Checklist in PowerApps

Hi there,


I am new to PowerApps but starting to get a basic understanding.

I'm trying to create a checklist app using a Canvas app. Since I have no data source to start from, I basically just created the app layout first and now want to connect to an Excel sheet to capture the results of the checklist. I have created a sheet where I would like to capture the date, user, site where the checklist is for (currently a drop down list), and the Yes/No answers to the checklist questions (currently a toggle for each question). I've connected the sheet but I'm at a loss how to capture the information and write it into the spreadsheet.

I'm guessing we need to have the app create a new record (or row in the sheet) on startup and store the values until the end of the sheet (click the Submit button) when it will write them all into the approriate columns. But the how is where things get quite difficult. I've been reading about the Patch function but I can't work out how to use it in this context.

Any help would be much appreciated. 

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

The ResetForm function can be used to reset your form once submitted. If you place it in the OnSuccess property of your form, this means you can repeatedly submit data.

Community Champion
Community Champion



On mine I do Radio buttons with the text field for two reasons:
1) I have other options besides Yes/No - N/A and Factory are also choices on mine

2) If you pull this data into Flow for other uses (like to put in a document) Yes/No shows as True/False so to show Yes/No on the docoment instead of True/False you have to put If statements on each of those. When it is a text field it is easy to pull in.


Either could work...these are just my reasons why I do the way I do.


Don't use a checkbox (just my opinion) they are a pain to force the reset, a lot of extra code and it doesn't recognize True/False like it should always. The only time I use checkboxes is if I need the ability to select multiple options.


For a form to reset you need to tell it each time it is a new form. So either on the button that takes you to that screen, the screens on Visible or you can do as the OnSuccess of the form you need :



A lot of people just use the NewForm() but it doesn't always reset the fields correctly so I always use both.

perfect - thanks both - sorry for the thread highjack!

Hi there,


I've been away for a while but I've finally gotten back to this. So I've had some success with capturing details like date and username into my spreadsheet using the Form that was suggested previously. My next hurdle is trying to capture a value from a drop down list.


I want the site the survey is being filled in for to be select with a drop down list. It so happens you can select a drop down list as the datacard type. My problem is getting my site list to appear without breaking the form. I have a site list in a different spreadsheet which is also linked to the Power App as a data source. Noramally you can simply point the AllowedValues property to your data source and they appear in the drop down. If I try this in the datacard it results in an error.



The error is : Name isn't valid. Identifier isn't recognised.


By default this is in the AllowedValues field: DataSourceInfo(Table1, DataSourceInfo.AllowedValues, "Site")

"Site" is the column on my spreadsheet where I want the value selected to be saved, not the source of the values.


What am I doing wrong here?



@rebeccas @chrisog 


Hi guys,


Thanks so much for you help so far on my quest to learn some PowerApps and make a checklist app. I'm a bit stuck again and wondering if you can once again point me in the right direction?







This video I posted a week or two ago shows how I do most of my checklist apps. Use radio buttons and then show/hide to go through them one at a time. I use this same style in a lot of phone apps that we use on the shop floor. See if it helps you with some ideas.

Resolver II
Resolver II

Hi @Scott_Wightman ,

I have posted a step by step how to create a checklist in PowerApps post on my blog

Hopefully it will help and give you some ideas on how you can go about creating one!
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Hello chrisog,


What if I have 2 checkboxes and I want to submit the selected option in sharepointlist? Can you help me with the code?

I can get a result from 1 checkbox only. But if I select the 2nd checkbox, it doesn't submit the answer in my sharepointlist.

If you were able to get a solution working, would you mind sharing?

Hello @AnnetteM ,


I actualy didn't get the right answer, so I came up with a workaround- I am not really good at this but I always get some workarounds. I created a sample for you.

1. I made a new SPList with the name: TestList061920201 and just 1 column with the name: TestCheckbox


2. I created a canvass with the following controls: 



You can try 🙂 hope it helps.





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