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Advocate II
Advocate II

Circular Reference Problem

I am trying to get a calucation going for Stamp Duty


I have got the Price in a sharepoint list, then I am doing the Calcuation in the power app.


But when I get the Stamp Duty value and put this back into the List it come ups with 'Circular Reference'.


For Example:


'Price' = 200000 (List Item) (Screen 1)

'Price' is inserted into 'TextBox1 ' (Screen 2)

Calculations are then done and the result of this is inputted into TextBox2 (Screen 2)


Text Box 2 value is then put into 'Stamp Duty' (List Item) (Screen 1)


Screen 1 is the list that the user fills out, Screen 2 is behind the sceens cacluations.


How do I acheive the same result without getting the circular reference?



Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi, how are you displaying the list item's stamp duty on screen 1? (ie. a text box in a gallery?)

What is the fomula you use for the list item's stamp duty in screen 1?


I am using the Automatic PowerApps from a SharePoint List.


I am new to this to will explain as best as possible.


So it's a DataCardValue (Text Input)


The Calculation is quite complicated as it needs to work out the % of the price.


I have attached a screen shot below, this is calculation, I put the price in to the cell call 'Price' and then the output will be in the SDLT cell (top right).



I then need to put this SDLT back into the form. sdlt.PNG


This is with a value in the Price



Community Champion
Community Champion

I see, sorry I only build apps from scratch, then you know how it works.

Maybe someone else con help, or if you like then give me more details of the problem (i.e. the columns of your SharePoint list and the calcualtion you want to do) and we can sort it out.



Thank you for the help. I might be able to do it, if I could email the contents from a Power app.



"Then I need to put this SDLT back into the form" -- is what caught my attention here. You are welcome to do so, however if in the process of doing that you are making Price depend on the computed SDLT value, which in turn depends on Price, that creates a dataflow cycle (a sort of a "chicken and egg" problem), which PowerApps will detect and immediately disable. The reason is: such a cycle would create unbounded recursive computation, which would most definitely result in infinite loops.


Please look at your formulas and make sure you have no such circular dependencies (Price -> [...] -> SDLT -> [...] -> Price).


I hope this helps.

Radu Gruian [MSFT] ** PowerApps Staff



Sort of, this is the flow of data:


Price - > [...] - SDLT -> Stamp Duty Land Tax


So Price and Stamp Duty are both on the List


But SDLT is not, this is just the end result of the calculations.


so the actual process is:


Property Value -> TextBox8 - > [...] - SDLT Sum -> SDLT -> Stamp Duty Form Fee


Even if i did the following:


Property Value - > TextBox1 -> Stamp Duty Form Fee


This creates a circular reference. I don't understand why this can't be allowed and if it's not then what's the workaround?

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