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Collect Record from combobox selection

Hi!  I'm trying to collect a record from a selected record in a combobox with this:


Collect(PullSheetCollection, InventorySearch.Selected)


I have an entity called "Inventories" that's the source of a combobox "InventorySearch" - and I'm using a collection called "PullSheetCollection."

The issue, is when I run the collect function it's only collecting the record from the column that's displayed in the combobox - not the entire record.  My collection actually has all of the columns from the entity in the combobox, but the only one getting filled is the Commercial_Name column - which is what is displayed in the combobox.  


Any ideas?  


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After some more searching I found someone with a similar problem - I think it was a new feature added.  You just have to turn off Explicit Column Selection.  

Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 9.30.11 AM.png

Thanks to @v-siky-msft
He solved this in the original case I found. 

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Super User


I would use a LOOKUP formula to reference the original table and pull the record from there instead.

    LookUp(your_datasource_name, ID = InventorySearch.Selected.ID)


If this does not work the next step would be to show me the code in the Items property of the InventorySearch ComboBox.


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@mdevaney I tried the lookup function - no errors, but it's not collection anything.

Collect(PullSheetCollection, LookUp(Inventories, Bar_Code = InventorySearch.Selected.Bar_Code))


I just have my ComboBox's items set to the entity, "Inventories"


Could you please try to REFRESH your connection by going to the left-side menu, clicking on the datasource, then Refresh?  I am wondering if changes to the datasource could be the cause of both your problems.

@mdevaney I tried the refresh and it's seeing all of the columns to collect, but it's not actually collection the selected item's data.  


I solved the other issue by going to an older version.  I have no idea why it broke - the formula and all the arguments stayed the same.  




Hmmm... can you create a label and try these in the Text property?  Let me know if there is any result.  For the 2nd code snippet replace "type a valid barcode here" with a known good barcode.


LookUp(Inventories, Bar_Code = InventorySearch.Selected.Bar_Code, Bar_Code)
LookUp(Inventories, Bar_Code = "type a valid barcode here", Bar_Code)



Is your datasource SharePoint?  If yes, what is the column type for BarCode? (e.g. Text, Number, LookUp, etc).


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@mdevaney The first function came up empty - which explains the issue.  The 2nd came out fine.


It's a CDS data source.  I actually have two Barcode columns, one is type text and the other number.  I just created the text version to help troubleshoot.  


CDS is not my specialty but...


Maybe what the most recent test tells us is there is a data type mismatch of some sort.  Text can only be compared to Text and Numbers can only be compared to Numbers.


So its a total guess but maybe converting the information in your ComboBox to another data type will do the trick.  Try this again in a label using my 2 ideas below.

LookUp(Inventories, Bar_Code = Value(InventorySearch.Selected.Bar_Code), Bar_Code)
LookUp(Inventories, Bar_Code = Text(InventorySearch.Selected.Bar_Code,"0"), Bar_Code)


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@mdevaney This is weird.  It seems like I'm unable to reference certain columns.  HOWEVER, I discovered once I create a label with InventorySearch.Selected.Column  - that specific column will then work in the lookup function.  


It's still only collection the fields it's already seen though.  For example, I have the Commercial Name field referenced in the combobox, the InStock field in another input control - those fields get collected.  Once I created the label with the barcode text field, it then collected it.  I then created another label with my Manufacturer field - it then collected that column. 


This might be a good case to report to Microsoft - this seems like a bug.  


Bizzare, yes report the issue to MS.

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