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Collecting data entries from one field to another

I created two date and time fields on sharepoint to collect the times and date an employee has clocked in and out, on power apps I decided to remove them and add a clock in and clock out button with with a text input that would display the date and time an employee clicked on a certain button. That's all done now and I'm previewing the screen, I've added in some data. The issue now is on the detail screen the data collected aren't displayed and the clock in and out field is still visible but there is no input collected. Is there a way to collect the inputs from the the buttons to the clock in and out field. The buttons can just be visible on the editscreen, while the information can be viewed on the detailed screen with the date and times collected.

Super User III
Super User III

Once the form is in edit mode, kindly check the defaultdate of the datefield is it is set to Parent.Default

I had already removed both date field from the Edit Screen and added the both buttons to replace them. Would you suggest that I restore both date fields to achieve this because the only screen that displays the clock in and out field in the detail screen.


If I understand you well, the dates are already saved to the datasource. Now you want to view the dates in your edit form on another screen. If that's the case then, select the two datefields each and check whether the defaultdate is set to Parents. Default.

A screenshot from you would help

That's exactly what I want to do. The date fields/columns are from a SharePoint list. 


 just tried the solution and it's still not working, I checked the defaultdate on both fields on the detail screen cause that's the only screen that has both fields and within the drop down list there was no defauldate property on there, I restored the date&time fields on the edit form to check whether the defaultdate is correct and they are.


The two images below shows how the app looks like from the edit form and detail form.

Screenshot (21).pngScreenshot (22).png

As you can see it still doesn't display the clock in date.



Maybe it's the formula that I used for the button and the text input.

This is the formula used for the button:


Text Input:




The picture made it clear. Now click on one of the datefield, either time in OR time out, after you have clicked, go to the property and check on what there at the defaultDate. You take screenshots of the defaultdate. Do this on the second picture not the entry screen

The last thing is check whether the date you saved was actually saved the the datasource.

The clock in field in the second picture doesn't have defaultdate located in the property as seen below.


Screenshot (23).png




we are almost there. This picture Datacard not datacardvalue. Under where you took the picture there either Datevalue or Datepickervalue.If you have not renamed it, it usually ends with value.
Please exactly same place that you have clicked.
Also check whether the Time you saved is actually in your database

Okay I just tried the Clock_in_datacardvalue to see whether it has the defaultdate and it still doesn't it's only the text property that has the Parent.Default formula in it. 


Also how would I check that the time I saved is in the datasource. I got all fields directly from the datasource it was only the buttons and the text inputs that weren't from there, I created those directly from the app, would that be a reason why they aren't being displayed. 


My reason is that since you are able to see the name and other as shown on your form but the datefield doesn't show anything. I am suspecting that the formula did not send the date information you entered. Therefore to be sure it is there go the datasource. Are you saving in excel or sharepoint or Sql or CDs. If you have the permission to check kindly do so.
That's the last bit to confirm whether the formula is working.

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