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Collecting from Azure SQL Slow - Waiting (TTFB)

Hi All,


I am working very hard to narrow down a performance issue with powerapps when collecting data from an Azure SQL DB.  I am using timers to achieve conecurrent requests as detailed in the "Performance Considerations" blog post and collecing from 6x tables. The amount of data is minimal and the Azure SQL Server is overpowered with no queries taking longer to run that 20ms and resources never being remotely strained.  About 60% of the time this collection process takes 1-2 seconds.  The other 40% is wildly un reliable taking up to 20 seconds.  I have been performing network traces through fiddler as well as the Chrome Dev tools and can see each request being sent and the breakdown of time that each part of that request took. ALL the time is spent on Waiting (TTFB) which appears to be something that i have no control over.  The SQL queries run quickly, and it is on top of Azure SQL which should be fully supported and responsive.  Any ideas, i really need help here and am at my last straw with a customer on resolving the issue. I have a case open as well but i am looking to get info from everyone i can. 


The attatched image only took 4+ seconds which is still not good but much better thant he 14, 18, 22 second times that i have seen on a regualr basis.

Advocate II
Advocate II

Hi Diggity, 

I've been doing the same and see exactly the same results as you. Generally its fine, loading the app will take anywhere from 2-10 seconds. However sometimes it will take 30 seconds to over a minute to load the app. I also see that almost ALL of the time is spent waiting when the app is slow to load. For example sometimes I see 1 record 2 column tables take 6-10 seconds to return a response. 

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Are you using Azure SQL?

We're investigating this with priority. 

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I really appreicate it.  I would be happy to play a role in assisting, i really need to this fixed.


This is my case number:  [REG:118062818482478] PowerApps Pro Limited - Azure SQL Sporadic Performance 


I have provided a fiddler network capture, export of app, session ID and a skype screen share session which was recorded by the tech on the phone as well as reviewedthe performance of my azure sql instance which was never really in questions.

We have a fix in place, which will roll out tomorrow. This involves scaling out resources and balancing to support the connector load. 


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Please update this thread once the fix is in place. Thank you.
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Any update, was the fix implemented?
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I am assuming it was not as I am still seeing sporadic performance.

Sorry for the late response. Yeah, I'm using Azure SQL.

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