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Collection empty after response from



I'm taking a picture with powerapps and running a flow and writing back to powerapps.

My flow looks like this: 



In powerapps, I run the following: UpdateContext({conPhoto: Camera1.Stream});


The output is flow is like this: 



The collection is however empty. 



Can anyone assist here please?



Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

First, check if 'conPhoto' has a value in there by looking at the variables and try to place it under an Image control to see if you have the image you took.

If so then try to remove ( ) surrounding your flow call, like

Collect(ColOCRText, DEV_BUSCARD.Run(conPhoto))

Look in your Flow if it has run and if your collection has a record now.  Still no record, then:

  • try to rename your collection and run it again
  • go to view - datasource, remove the flow connection, add a button and on the button.onselect go to flows to re-connect your flow.
  • See if your flow has the right schema and all the columns have a type specified and are required. (But if not you already should have an error while connecting your flow, so basically the option before this would break)

Hope this helps you fix this.




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Hi Paul,


conPhoto has no value within the variables. 06_flow_power.JPG


I do see a picture here though in the captured image: 


I removed the () and all ran ok but still the collection remains empty. 



Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar



So the problem is at the start, so here UpdateContext({conPhoto: Camera1.Stream}); so lets try to fix this.

I think you need this on the Camera.OnSelect:

UpdateContext({conPhoto: Camera1.Photo});

.Stream sounds like a video stream instead of a Photo I would think.


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You can use the stream option when using a button to take the photo. So just to simplify it, I just have this on select for the button: UpdateContext({conPhoto: Camera1.Stream})



This is the result in the variable part: 08_flow_power.JPG


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HI Paul,


Just an update here, it all runs fine on my laptop. Grabs the photo and the collection from the flow is also visable. 

So the issue is with my mobile phone? Any tips on that?


Thanks again



I did some test on my side and it seems that it just not possible to do. I would think you should be able to do



With this you should tricker the onselect property of the Camera control. Then on the camera you should be able to crab your photo on the camera.onselect. like:

Collect(_Photos, Camera.Photo)

This should work like it does on other controls, but It doesn't. So basically this is a limitation or a bug in the camera control.

I would advise you to just add a label instead of the button and tell the user to click the camera control itself.


I took the liberty to post an Idea on the bugs, see Maybe you could support this, so the PowerApps team can fix this.


Greating Paul

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