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Collection not containing value of Lookup Column in adapted Inspection App

Hi all,


I am currently trying to modify the Microsoft Inspection Template App inside Power Apps for Teams.

I want to have the inspection steps grouped under a user defined header.

The first thing I did was add another table to the dataverse tables containing the headers.

It has a many to one relationship to the Area Inspection Checklist Steps Table. I also added a lookup column to the Area Inspection Checklist Steps table called 'Step Header'.

I successfully adjusted the gallery 'galFormChecklistSteps' on the 'Inspection Forms Screen' inside the 'Manage Inspection' App to be able to edit and add headers. Also the patch back to both tables in Dataverse already works.

For some reason however the onSelect Function on the galery 'galForms' allways returns an empty value for my new 'Step Header' inside the collections.
This is the formula for one of the collections used by the app (I literally just added the row holding the 'Step Header'):

        'Area Inspection Checklists',
        'Area Inspection Checklist' = gblForm.msft_areainspection_checklistid
    ).'Area Inspection Checklist Steps',
            msft_areainspection_checkliststepid: msft_areainspection_checkliststepid,
            msft_image: Image,
            msft_instructions: Instructions,
            msft_header: 'Step Header',
            msft_sequence: Sequence,
            msft_name: Name,
            msft_responselabelna: 'Response Label (N/A)',
            msft_responselabelnegative: 'Response Label (Negative)',
            msft_responselabelpositive: 'Response Label (Positive)',
            NAOption: If(
                IsBlank('Response Label (N/A)'),
            RecordRef: ThisRecord


I suspect there to be a problem with the combination of ForAll and LookUp functions not returning my referenced column...I already spent a day trying to figure out what is wrong and I am all out of ideas.


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