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Collection to Table?



How can I turn a Collection into a Table function? I know a Collection is already a table, but how can I dynamically create a Table function based on the contents of a Collection?



1. My Custom Connector requires Table input (thanks @Mike8!)

Table({name: "temp", units: "F"})

2. I have a gallery of potential parameters to pass to the Custom Connetor:


3. Each parameter that is checked gets added to a collection (colSelected)

         name:, units: ThisItem.units

How can I parse colSelected and add the values, in the correct format, to the Table function in the Custom Connector?

I've tried doing a lookup for each parameter, but that errors out with "Internal Server error".  I started going down the path of a Switch statement for each parameter ("name" and "units") but that doesn't seem to work either.


Any ideas?


Accepted Solutions


Can you try instead of     fields:Table({.................}) --> fields:colSelectedParameters..?
It will pass the data from the collection.

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Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hello ericonline 🙂


It is not completely clear what you are trying to do but if I understood correctly and you are trying to add to a collection all the checked parameters, the formula above can help you.
It iterates on the gallery that you have checked your parameters and if the checkbox is checked (true) it adds the record in the collection.


You can also use the filter function..

If the formulas above don't help, please explain a bit more what you are trying to do and we can find a solution.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Thanks for the detailed response @Mike8.


I'm able to Collect the parameters from the Gallery, using the checkboxes without issue. The place I'm stuck is turning this Collection into the Table function that my Custom Connector requires. 

In our other thread, you helped me hardcode the Table function. I'm now trying to make it dynamic based on what is in colSelectedParameters.

Basically, how do I get from here: 


To here, dynamically:


Any thoughts on this @Mike8? I also have this issue with an API.




Can you try instead of     fields:Table({.................}) --> fields:colSelectedParameters..?
It will pass the data from the collection.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Wow. That was dead simple. A Collection is a Table and can be interchanged with the Table function as long as the columns are the same. 


Awesome. I feel a bit silly that I didn't try this... But Awesome, thank you!

Yes, that's it.
Not silly at all. Finally you would have found the way. We just made it a bit sooner.

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