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Advocate II
Advocate II

Combo Box Display Issue / Bug Once Upgraded to Version 3.18094.26

I think I have identified another issue with Combo Boxs after the last update to 3.18094.26.  I have a production app that is running as expected on version 3.18092.18.  When opened and saved to 3.18094.26 issues with combo box displays appear.  I have been able to reproduce this issue in a brand new app, and will outline the steps below to do so.  If a staff member would review and consider opening a bug I would greatly appreciate it.


Issue / Bug: Combo Box shows "blank" values for choices / will not show the value of the DisplayField if "Allow searching" is set to "Off."  Displays no items (empty set) if "Allow searching" is set to "On."


Note that the steps I outline below will illustrate issues with the combo box, however one piece of the behavior varies from the newly created test app and my production app.  The issue is the same, however the end behavior is slightly different.  The screenshots are from my recreation / test app, however I will describe behavior from my prod app as well.


1) Create a new SharePoint List, mine is titled "TEST LOOKUP" and contains 2 new fields "Region" (single line of text) and "Active" (yes/no).



2) Add some sample data to the list as shown here (3 records, 2 Active=Yes and 1 Active=No):


3) Create another SharePoint List, this one titled "TEST DATA" that has 1 extra column "Region" (Lookup, Information From=TEST LOOKUP, Column=Region):



4) From the TEST DATA list, create a new PowerApps App by selecting "PowerApps" -> "Create an app":



5) Name the app "TEST"



6) Here is the inital view of the Edit screen for the newly created TEST app:



7) Remove the Attachments data card (step not necessary, but to get it out of the way)



😎 Note the inital Items formula and values for the Region field:



9) Modify the data source for the Region field, open the Data source properties by clicking "TEST DATA" on the Properties panel.

Side Note: I realize I am hijacking the Region field and changing its orignal data source.  I have tested with creating a new Combo Box and found issues there as well.



10) Use the "Add a data source" option



11) Choose your SharePoint connection



12) Enter the site url in the "Connect to a SharePoint site" box:



13) Select the newly created "TEST LOOKUP" list and Connect.



14) Set the Primary text and SearchField properties to "Region."  



15) Open the Region combo box to review the choices:



16) Modify the Items property to add a filter to the data set.  Set the Items property to:

Filter('TEST LOOKUP',ID=1)

NOTE: you will in this step as well as later steps that any time the "items" formula is changed the Primary text and SearchField properties are reset to the "ComplianceAssetId" property.


Open the Region combo box to see that there is 1 row (with a "blank" value) shown.



17) Switch Primary text and SearchField properties back to "Region"



18) Open the Region combo box again to see that the ID=1 filter does work, and that the display field is honored:



19) Change Region's Items property to this formula (to filter on the Active field):

Filter('TEST LOOKUP',Active=true)


You will likely have to fix the Primary text field to see the drop down values.


Note that the values returned in the combo box are incorrect!  "Region 3" had an active value of FALSE.  It should not be returned.


20) Change Region's Item property to the following formula:

Filter('TEST LOOKUP',Active<>false)

Side Note: You will see in the next step that the "<>false" formula does return the correct set of results even though it seems like a double negative.  This is the only formula I have found that will return the correct set, and it is functioning in a production app without issue.


If not already set, set "Allow multiple selections" to "off" and "Allow searching" to "On" as shown here:


Note that no items are displayed in the Region field.


21) Set "Allow searching" to "Off" and open Region again. Leave "Primary text" and "SearchField" properties alone this time!



Open Region and note that you now see the correct values (Region 1 and Region 2).  



  • The "Region" property is shown for Primary Text even though it is currently set to ComplianceAssetId
  • Setting "Allow searching" to On causes no results to be returned in the set even though the formula clearly should return values.
  • Setting "Allow searching" to Off allows values to be shown in my test app.  However in my production app at this point the Region field has several entries in it, but they all display "blank" lines.  Unlike my test app, changing the Primary text property on my production app has no affect (I cannot get it to display the "Region" value regardless of what I set it to, or what I set the Allow searching to).  Addmittely my reproduced test and prod apps behave slightly differently here but both demonstrate issues with Combo Box.  
  • Setting "Improved App Rendering" on or off has the same effect for this issue.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




Community Support
Community Support

Hi @keathley,


Thanks for your efforts on this topic.

The Search fields enabled under the Combo Box control should be similar to the condition added within the filter function.

So if the Search field enabled with the 

Filter(List, Value<>False)

Then there should be issues combine those two conditions.


For the original Combo Box items property:


which also act as the query from the data source, as this is based on the structure of the lookup fields.

Once you have it changed, the structure would need to be re-mapped, in order for the search to work, otherwise, it should show the value with blank result.

A fiddler trace would be much helpful to analyze further.

If you have interests with that part, please send the fiddler trace to me through Private message.

For how to work with Lookup field, you may take a look at the following blog for the beginning:

Defining default value for SharePoint complex fields in PowerApps




Community Support Team _ Michael Shao
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.
Kudo Kingpin
Kudo Kingpin

You ever figure this out. I cant change the Display fields or search fileds to be anything other than ["ComplianceAssetId"]


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