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Combo Box Reset

Hi PG:


Just consider to migrate from DropDown to ComBox Box.


I have an issue here:

- I try Button.Pressed to Reset the selected items to "Fnd items" (that is before any item is selected), but it neve works.

- Even using Set to false and Set to true of context variable with Reset = Context Variable, also never work.


Any advice will be much appreciated.


Meantime, the tutorial is unclear of certain application, including:

- SelectedItems


Thanks and have a nice day.


Accepted Solutions

Hi Guilla,


using hpkeong solution,

if you have add button include this to your formula:  Set(myvar,[])

then set your combobox defaultselecteditems to: myvar

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Try sharing my current workaround, which is definitely workable, but doesn't sound good.


Combox.DefaultSelectedItems = myvar (context variable),

Create a button or anything, to set or updatecontext:

= Set(myvar, ["Find items"])

... ["Any hint text"] to blank out the previously selected item and show Find items, but it is with a "X" (Cancel Cross) which does not looks good comparing to original "Find Items"...


Hope for a better Reset Mode.


(I wish this will help someone who asked in the forum before on RESETTING to temporary getting things done. I can;t find his post, but hope can help him out)




Selected ItemsSelected ItemsChoose ItemsChoose ItemsAfter ResetAfter Reset

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Has there been any updates to this?  I am currently using this method, but it isn't perfect.  It still leaves text in the combo box that has to be removed prior to searching again.

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Is there any other solution or update ? 


Have you seen the response on this post by @CarlosFigueira? It worked for me. 


You need to change the DefaultSelectedItems property for the combo box to []. Make sure its the DefaultSelectedItems, not just Default otherwise it won't work. 


Then as previously discussed you just use some form of UpdateContext() attached to the OnSelect property of a button to set a variable you can reference in the ComboBox's Reset Property e.g.


UpdateContext({ResetCombo: true}); UpdateContext({ResetCombo: false})


Then put ResetCombo as the Reset property for any comboboxes you want to reset. 

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 Thanks for your answer !
I've modified the Defaultselecteditems properties,
I've add reset(combobox1)

But when I come back the combobox is the same. I really don't understand.


Have you tried setting the OnSelect property of the Cancel button to the following? 


Reset(ComboBox1); Refresh(Table1_1); Navigate('Welcome screen') 


I've always used ; as the separator between functions in Powerapps, not And. 


Let me know if that helps! 

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The reset function doesn't accept my combobox. Do you have an idea of why ?                                                        





How about trying this combination: 


1. Set the OnSelect of your Cancel button to something similar to my example below. (So including the two UpdateContext() formulas instead of the Reset() one). 



2. Set the Reset part of the ComboBox Advanced Settings to match the name of the Context you've just set: ResetCombo



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Hello, just wanted to share my experience on this, after spending a few hours ...


For me the 2 following options worked :


1/ set DefaultSelectedItems = [] and then, when needed , use the function Reset(ComboBox)


2/ set DefaultSelectedItems = [] and Reset = varReset ; and then, when nedded, set varReset=!varReset

      ==> meaning that the Reset is done when the value of the Reset property is changed, whatever the value ! (it is resetting when the value is false, as long as the value was true before ...)


Of course option 1 is simpler but for some reasons, it sometimes does not work. So in that case I use option 2 which was hard to find out but definitely works.



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