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Combo Box Reset

Hi PG:


Just consider to migrate from DropDown to ComBox Box.


I have an issue here:

- I try Button.Pressed to Reset the selected items to "Fnd items" (that is before any item is selected), but it neve works.

- Even using Set to false and Set to true of context variable with Reset = Context Variable, also never work.


Any advice will be much appreciated.


Meantime, the tutorial is unclear of certain application, including:

- SelectedItems


Thanks and have a nice day.

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In fact this was working 2 days ago and doesn't work anymore since yesterday, don't know why ! My coding version has moved from 3.18041.20 to 3.18042.20, maybe it is related, maybe not.


This is so frustrating !


I have some comboBoxes for which the Reset works fine, and I can't reproduce this with others comboBoxes on others screens, while applying the exact same configuration ! This is driving me crazy 😞



I had the same problem - even some combo boxes on the same page were working whilst others weren't. Have you tried removing the [] from defaultselecteditems and then re-adding it? That seems to have made my reset button work for me again. 


Still, its incredibly frustrating having to do this every few weeks though!

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Yes this works if you delete the [] and you add them again . But for me it works only for the current developping session. If I save and close my work and then reopen the app in dev mode, doesn't work anymore ...


Have you encountered the same stuff ?


Maybe I need to do the modif, save and publish ?

Hi Guilla,


using hpkeong solution,

if you have add button include this to your formula:  Set(myvar,[])

then set your combobox defaultselecteditems to: myvar

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I dont suppose you know you you get this to work when using a customised form? My defaultselecteditems is Parent.Default so if i change it, it won't save the data I input 😞

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Hi @Anonymous can you kindly create a new thread with your question above? A new thread will give it more exposure. 


Thank you,



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