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Combo Box items from SharePoint list

Dear All,

I have a SharePoint list with the fallowing name:
I want to work with two columns in PowerApps from "Projects" list:
ProjectName (Column type in SharePoint: Lookup)
ProjectStatus (Column type in SharePoint: additional fields of ProjectName lookup)
I would like to insert all ProjectName to my combo box items, where the ProjectStatus is "Open".

First time I tried with next formula:
Filter('Projects';'ProjectStatus'.Value = "Open").ProjektName
Result: There are 3 items in the combo box (it is correct because there are 3 open projects), but the ProjectName at items is not visible. I have 3 blank lines in my combo box.

The next formula I tried was this:
Filter(Choices('Projects'.ProjektName); LookUp('Projects'; ProjektName.Value = Value).'ProjektName:SelectedStatus'.Value="Open")
Result: It is working properly in runtime mode, but I got the next error message in design mode:
"Unexpected characters. The formula contains 'ParenClose' where 'Eof' is expect"

Can you please help me what can be the problem or the correct formula?

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Helper I
Helper I

In my experience using a combobox with items set directly to a list, things tend to be a bit wonky.


A more reliable method I've found is to first collect your list and then set your items to the collection.


So in your case you may try putting this formula into your onvisible property of the screen where your ComboBox appears


ClearCollect(ProjectsCollect, 'Pojects');

And then use this in the items of your ComboBox

Filter(ProjectsCollect, ProjectStatus = "Open")

Also make sure to set the fields of your combobox appropriately.


DisplayFields should read



Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your answer.
I tried this solution, but I didn't get back data at items in combo box.
The problem, no data found in ProjectCollect, when I call it with "Filter(ProjectCollect... at items.

Sounds like it did not collect anything for some reason.


After navigating to the screen where your combobox is located,  hit View -> Collections and check your collections for data in 'ProjectsCollect'.


If you see nothing, try the collect formula on a button to try and collect manually, see if that changes anything.

ClearCollect(ProjectsCollect, 'Pojects');

If that also does not result in a collection with data, these formulas must be pointing to the wrong name somewhere.


Did you use 'ProjectCollect' in the collect fomula, or 'ProjectsCollect'? One letter will make or break!

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