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ComboBox Default Property - formula not working

Hi Folks -

I have a ComboBox (a choice field from a SP List) and I'm trying to add a formula to it to automaticaly populate based on a selection of another field.  This formula works perfectly on a Default propery for a  Label or input text field:

LookUp(RD_Target_List, Name=Concatenate("PFR-",DataCardValue25.Text), Target_Long_Name)

But when I add it too the ComboBox Defauly property, it fails saying it needs a text value? Can someone assist?


Thank you!


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Hi Randy!


Allow me to clarify. The field I'm trying to populate is maybe not a ComboBox, although I have been calling it such. It's a choice SharePoint List field. It's called "Business_Owner" (display name is R&D Unit) and located in SP List called "rdAsset".



This field should be populated based on the selection of the "Target Alias" field:

target alias.jpg


Target Alias is populated with a list of values from the table "RD_Target_List" and "Alias" column.  And is this what "RD_Target_List" like:


So based on the selection of "Target Alias", I need to return the value in the "Business_Owner" column from "RD_Target_List".


The values in the "Business_Owner" field on my form are the same list of values in the "Business_Owner" column of "RD_Target_List".


I hope this makes sense, if not let me know.


Thank you, Randy!


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So let me repeat to make sure I understand - you have a column in your SharePoint list called "Business_Owner" that is a choice column and has all the same values (as the choices) as the table RD_Target_List's Business Owner field.

You have another column in your SharePoint list called "Target Alias" - I presume that it has all the same values as the Alias field in your RD_Target_List.

You need R&D Unit (Business_Owner) to default to the value of the "Business Owner" as determined by a lookup from the RD_Target_List based on the "Target Alias" value selected.


I hope the above is correct...


Now - Your ComboBox (DataCardValue51) should be set to the following:

   Items : Choices(rdAsset.Business_Owner)

   DefaultSelectedItems :  {Value: Lookup(RD_Target_List, Alias=yourTargetAliasControlName.Selected.Value, Business_Owner)}

I didn't see the name of the combobox control for your Target Alias, so just substitute that in the blue above.


I hope that nails it for you.

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ComboBoxes can  be tricky. I leave the Default property blank. However, I use the DefaultSelectedItems property and the combo box works as expected. Give it a try and let me know how it works out.

@Anonymous  HI there.


So I did try to add the formula to thee DefaultSelectedItems and it works but only if I dont specify the "Business_Owner":

LookUp(RD_Target_List, Name=Concatenate("PFR-",DataCardValue25.Text))

But it doesn't solve my issue as the reason for the lookup is I need to derive the "Name" based on a value entered my form then return the value from the "Business_Owner" column of RD_Target_List.  I really need it like this, but its giving me an error ("expected table value"):


LookUp(RD_Target_List, Name=Concatenate("PFR-",DataCardValue25.Text), Business_Owner)

To confirm, the values in the "Business_Owner" column are also in the available values of my ComboBo box, there shouldn't be an issue there.


Thank you!

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My pleasure. Glad it worked out.


It is helpful to mark this issue as solved so others can search on it.

@Anonymous  No, it doesn't work.


This validates in the DefeaultSelectedItems property:

LookUp(RD_Target_List, Name=Concatenate("PFR-",DataCardValue25.Text))

But it doesn't render anything. As I need to actually return the "Business_Owner" value from the "RD_Target_List" table based on the name.


This is the fomrula that works as expected on a text box that I want to work on the combobox but doesn't:

LookUp(RD_Target_List, Name=Concatenate("PFR-",DataCardValue25.Text), Business_Owner)






Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Hi @simms7400 ,


Use your lookup formula in "Collection" and use that collection in combobox items. It will work.


@panand99  Hi There!


What do you mean? Are you suggestion I make a collection? Where would I put that though?

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

You can put that collection on screen on start if this lookup value is default when form load or you can create collection in filed change event if it is a selection field.

@panand99  HI -


So I made this collection:



And placed this formula in my DefaultSelectedItems property and it validates, but doesn't return anything even though it should. Am I doing anything wrong?

LookUp(ListElements, Name=Concatenate("PFR-",DataCardValue25.Text), Business_Owner)



Calling in the heavy hitter for this question 🙂


Randy I know we went over ComboBox "woes", but can't seem to get it to work with anything I tried. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!

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