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ComboBox Limit values

Hi all ! 

I've a question cause I have a list with data connected to a form in PowerApps.

This list have more than 20 values but combobox control just appear 20 values of this list, and the 20s first.

I deduced 20 is the limit. Can we change it ? or change the selection (not only 20s first) ?


Thanks for reply ! 



Re: ComboBox Limit values

Hi ClemParpa,


Can you tell us a bit more about the data/column and where the combobox is being used?


This does seem a bit odd - I've just opened a blank app and connected a combobox to a list with thousands of rows - the combobox list shows hundreds of items and I selected 29 before giving up.


I get a delegation warning, because I've used thousands of rows in the test data, but other than that, it behaves normally....which doesn't seem to be your experience?


Anything more you can offer in terms of context might help lead us to the problem - source column data type, form type, is it a custom card, did you add the control or did the form add it automatically etc. etc. - some screenshots might help too.


In theory, you can filter the original source so that the combobox only lists items as a result of the filter - this would be up to you how you want to filter the data;


So on the Items property of the ComboBox control:


Filter(SharePointList, filtercondition)


where filtercondition would be what and how you are filtering...the combo search and display fields would then be applied to the result of that filter.


Kind regards,



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Re: ComboBox Limit values

Hi RusselThomas 

Thanks for your reply I will be a little more specific about my situation.

I just present you the exemple with 1 of my list (cause i've this problem on all of lists with 20values+).

My list is this one : list.png

So in my application this list is contain in a combobox like this :  Screenshot_1.png

So the last values in the combobox is "Energies" but it's not my last value of my list.

This list is created like metadata (in french it's created in "un magasin de terme" in SharePoint).

This metadata are used in this app and saved after users completed the form in a sharepoint site.

In my app, items on the field in code like this : Screenshot_2.png

Cause without this we can't use metadata in powerapps (powerapps doesn't know how to use a colomm who used metadata).

So on all of my lists, if they have more than 20 values (metadata principaly), I can't see more than 20 values.

One fact I observ, the value is invisible in the list of the combobox but if we search it in the searchfield on the top, we find it.


I hope i've been a little more cleary about the context.


Kind regards,




Re: ComboBox Limit values

Yes, thanks for clarifying - to be honest I've never used lookup columns in my data, so I've not had much experience using Choices() with comboboxes.  I don't see anything in the documentation that would indicate this limit, and to be honest I don't see why it would be a limit - perhaps someone else has a better idea.

Sorry I couldn't help


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