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Helper II
Helper II

Complete task Chart - Monthly overview

Hi! I don't know how to word this so I will just try and explain what I would like the end result to be. 


I have a task members must complete daily, recorded in a SharePoint list with date complete. I want to be able to display this by showing every day and either a count or icon if the member completed it that day or not. So they can visually see missed days, the sharepoint list only have success days. I think I might be able to do a lookup? I am sorry I am just lost on how to explain this. 



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You can use the calendar template if you like to get a visual calendar then add a count to the little dod in the calendar that shows it there is an event or not.

There are lots of ways to achieve what you want.

You'll need a collection of dates, from and to a date, then you can grab all the sharepoint items that equal those dates.
Community Support
Community Support

Hi @HallieG ,

Could you please share a bit more about your scenario?

Do you want to design a Chart based on the Table you provided within a PowerApps app?


If you want to design a Chart based on the Table you provided within a PowerApps app to show the Complete task, I think the Column chart control could achieve your needs. I have made a test on my side, please take a try with the following workaround:

The data structure of my Excel table as below:2.JPG

App's configuration as below:


1. Add Column chart control in your app.

2. Set the Items property to following:

TaskCompleted      /* <-- TaskCompleted represents my Excel table, you need to type your own SP List data source or Excel table here */

set the Labels property to Date column, set the Series1 property to Completed column.


Please consider take a try with above solution, check if it could help in your scenario.


Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
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So my issue is I don't collect dates on the days they don't complete the task. I don't know how to get the None represented dates to show up. 


my data will only have 8/5/2019, 8/6/2019, 8/8/2019, 8/8/2019, and 8/8/2019. 


Here are some screenshots to further explain what my thoughts are. I can't figure out how to get my SharePoint list into the Calendar. Any advice or suggestion for anything like these will be greatly appreciated. 

month dots.pngmonth count.png



Hi HallieG,

Did you resolve your issue or do you still need help? If you require help I can give you some steps to help you overcome your issue.


I would love some more help! I can't figure this out. 



ok since I just resolved a  issue I was having  I am feeling generous so I will explain in detail how this works. Beware it is quite involved. 


When you create the calendar page it is linking to your outlook calendar. Essentially it is copying your outlook events into a collection and then using that collection to display the events in a gallery. 


Our aim is to populate the collection with data from SharePoint or any other data source. The one constraint we have is that we need to have a date field in our data source. 


So the first step is to setup our data source connection ensuring one of our fields (columns) is a date. 


Next proceed to create your new screen  using the calendar template. 


















The page will generate


The dropdown shows a list of outlook calendars you have assigned to your user account. If you select the dropdown list and then the OnSelect property







you should notice a formula like this:


/*retrieves calendar events for all days in current month view and selected calendar 
_minDate and _maxDate act as markers to prevent duplicate data collection*/         
	UpdateContext({_showLoading: true});         
	Set(_userDomain, Right(User().Email, Len(User().Email) - Find("@", User().Email)));         
	Set(_dateSelected, Today());         
	Set(_firstDayOfMonth, DateAdd(Today(), 1 - Day(Today()), Days));         
	Set(_firstDayInView, DateAdd(_firstDayOfMonth, -(Weekday(_firstDayOfMonth) - 2 + 1), Days));         
	Set(_lastDayOfMonth, DateAdd(DateAdd(_firstDayOfMonth, 1, Months), -1, Days))         
Set(_calendarVisible, false);         
UpdateContext({_showLoading: true});         
Set(_myCalendar, dropdownCalendarSelection1.Selected);         
Set(_minDate, DateAdd(_firstDayOfMonth, -(Weekday(_firstDayOfMonth) - 2 + 1), Days));         
Set(_maxDate, DateAdd(DateAdd(_firstDayOfMonth, -(Weekday(_firstDayOfMonth) - 2 + 1), Days), 40, Days));         
ClearCollect(MyCalendarEvents, Office365.GetEventsCalendarViewV2(_myCalendar.Name, Text(_minDate, UTC), Text(_maxDate, UTC)).value);         
UpdateContext({_showLoading: false});         
Set(_calendarVisible, true)

not the most friendly I know. 


So the line which is important here is this one:


ClearCollect(MyCalendarEvents, Office365.GetEventsCalendarViewV2(_myCalendar.Name, Text(_minDate, UTC), Text(_maxDate, UTC)).value);         

This is the line which populates a collection called MyCalendarEvents with a list of event from the selected calendar in the dropdown list. It is also filtering the calender events to a range that is displayed on screen i.e. the calendar month plus a few days either side. 

Note:  the page works by populating a collection with one month plus a few days worth of events that are on display. When you navigate through different months we are updating the collection each time. 


This is the line of code we need to change. We want to change it so your data is coming from a SharePoint list. your code should be something like this. 


This will populate the calendar events collection with events for the month on screen. 


you can now remove the following line

Set(_myCalendar, dropdownCalendarSelection1.Selected);  

this line is used when getting calendar events from your outlook calendar. 


Next step


you want to copy all of the formulas from the onselect and paste it into the onvisible property of the page. This is so we can delete the dropdown list and have the calendar automatically load when you navigate to the page. When you have moved the formulas you can delete the dropdown list. 


you should now have the following:

1- no dropdown on screen

2- the corrected formula set for the onvisible property of the page. 













if you hold alt on your keyboard and navigate to another page and back you should see the calendar loads. 



You will notice some of the controls are miss aligned, this is because the ms template has the location of these controls based on the location of the dropdown we deleted. So  move them as desired. 




Next step

We need to update the navigation controls, the event indicator and the event details below the calendar. 


Navigation Controls

Each navigation control has an onselect event. The event basically calculates the next view and collects the events within the range. The left navigation control has an onselect property of: 



/*changes month view to previous month*/
Set(_firstDayOfMonth, DateAdd(_firstDayOfMonth, -1, Months));           
Set(_firstDayInView, DateAdd(_firstDayOfMonth, -(Weekday(_firstDayOfMonth) - 2 + 1), Days));           
Set(_lastDayOfMonth, DateAdd(DateAdd(_firstDayOfMonth, 1, Months), -1, Days));           
/*collects calendar events for all days in current month view. Updates _minDate to prevent duplicate data collection if user returns to this month view*/           
If(_minDate > _firstDayOfMonth,           
 Collect(MyCalendarEvents, Office365.GetEventsCalendarViewV2(_myCalendar.Name, Text(_firstDayInView, UTC), Text(DateAdd(_minDate, -1, Days), UTC)).value);           
 Set(_minDate, _firstDayInView))

Here you need to update the collect formula



 Collect(MyCalendarEvents, Office365.GetEventsCalendarViewV2(_myCalendar.Name, Text(_firstDayInView, UTC), Text(DateAdd(_minDate, -1, Days), UTC)).value);           


you need to set the formula to something like 



the right navigation has a similar formula. Again replace the collect formula 

 Collect(MyCalendarEvents, Office365.GetEventsCalendarViewV2(_myCalendar.Name, Text(DateAdd(_maxDate, 1, Days), UTC), DateAdd(_firstDayInView, 40, Days)).value); 

to something like

Filter(SHAREPOINTLISTNAMEHERE, DATECOLUMNNAME HERE >= DateAdd(_maxDate, 1, Days) && DATECOLUMNNAME <= DateAdd(_firstDayInView, 40, Days)));

the event indicator

navigate to gallery called MonthDayGallery1

click on the element Circle1 

select the visible property


you will see a formula like 

/*Visible if calendar events are found on this day*/               
CountRows(Filter(MyCalendarEvents, DateValue(Text(Start)) = DateAdd(_firstDayInView,ThisItem.Value,Days))) > 0 && !Subcircle1.Visible && Title2.Visible

this essentially checks each day on the calendar to see if there are any events for the day. If there are events it shows the little red dot indicator. This formula is actually quite inefficient as it is counting how many events are on each day. If you have a lot of events this can really slow down your app. So I would suggest something like this: 


DateAdd(_firstDayInView,ThisItem.Value,Days) in MyCalendarEvents.DATECOLUMNNAME

it essentially just checks  if the calendar date exists within the collections date column. 


FINALLY the event details

I am referring to the gallery below the calendar gallery


if you select the gallery named CalendarEventsGallery1 and the property Items

you will see the following formula 

SortByColumns(Filter(MyCalendarEvents, Text(Start, DateTimeFormat.ShortDate) = Text(_dateSelected, DateTimeFormat.ShortDate)), "Start")

you need to modify this to use your date column 


SortByColumns(Filter(MyCalendarEvents, Text(DATECOLUMNNAME, DateTimeFormat.ShortDate) = Text(_dateSelected, DateTimeFormat.ShortDate)), "DATECOLUMNNAME")

the final final setup is to update the labels within the gallery so they use data from your collection. 


when you have done all that it should work.


Hopefully you will find this useful! 




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