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Component Library not updating

I created a component library that is only text boxes - there are a lot of them, 75-83 per app. Nothing complicated though, only text boxes (same text box is used across 20+ apps). When I try to update the components in the app, it just perpetually is loading and then freezes. Is it because there's too many components? 

Helper II
Helper II

I'm having a similar issue. I haven't go nearly as much components used in my apps as you do, but it won't update a recent change I've made...

I have exactly the same issue. Didn't find any solution so far : (

I tried re-importing the components. That works, but I wouldn't recommend it, because you have to delete every instance of the component in your app to be able to import the updated version. I definitely wouldn't try this in one of your production apps and it's a lot of work (depending on how much components you use, of course).


It'd be nice to hear whether Microsoft knows about this issue, because I think this has an impact on a lot of users.

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I'm also having this problem after having had no issues only yesterday. The only change I've made not to the component itself is to move the component library to a solution. 


Edit: To clarify, the component doesn't recognise updates where I am already using it in an app, and where I try and add the component to a new application it freezes on the 'Loading' pop up and never imports. 

Advocate II
Advocate II

Same here. I added a component to a form and somehow my galleries on that page, which I hadn't updated in days, just stopped working. I'm using the components to get around the control limit. I have rebuilt my app several times in the past few weeks. Every time, it breaks after adding components.


I tried removing all local components and recreated them as library components. Nothing works. *pulling hair out emoji* 👩‍🦲

Resolver I
Resolver I

is there a way to make a ticket to microsoft?

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