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Helper V
Helper V

Component works while in studio edit mode, but won't behave in published app.......

Hi all,


I am experiencing an issue with one of my apps, whereby the component for my menu navigation has suddenly stopped working.
The component is too complex to try and explain its full mechanics but essentially when the app loads, it creates a collection for each menu with a list of screens (screen name, target screen, user access). These collections are hardcoded. When on the first screen, the menus work - as you click on one, the screen selections are available in a dropdown list. Once I select a screen and it opens, the menus fail to work. The menu options when selected set a value by using a variable in the component that is set to true or false. In the app there is a label that will display the value of that variable.

So if I click on the first menu option, label 'X' will display the text 'true', therefore the dropdown menu will appear, and from there I can select an option and it will take me to that screen. Now when I go to perform the same thing, the value still changes, but the dropdown menu won't show.

I also have a 'Home' button in the component and when I select that, it will take me to the homescreen at which point the menus will once again work. I have attempted to rebuild the app from scratch, copying and pasting screen controls etc, and part of the way through, I published and tested with the same error.....

Again in studio mode, the menus work perfectly on every screen. I went back to the component and made an update, but the app hasn't picked up the change. This component is used in multiple apps and are all behaving. I re-instated a previous version of the affected app and the menu works fine, but the moment I make a change of any sort and publish, the error comes through....
I have tried using the monitor tool and it doesn't provide me with any insight on what is going wrong.....its as if the dropdown menus have decided they don't want to be seen on any other screens other than the homescreen and are ignoring the logic.....
Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction with this one....

Helper V
Helper V

I have just realised that the issue seems to be coinciding with the new PowerApps release.
The new release: 3.21082.28 seems to be breaking something with the component (this might explain why the app is picking up changes to the component (this is sitting in a separate library) and updating.....
When I rolled back the version of the original app, it was release number: 3.21081.49 and the menu system worked. I then made one change and published the version and it has gone to release: 3.21082.28 and the menu system is broken  again. It still loads and works on the homescreen but won't after that....

@Carsten_Growth @ShantanuP Just tagging some people to hopefully get some response as soon as possible as this affects my ability to update 50% of the apps used in my company until the fix is sorted....

Power Apps
Power Apps

Is the dropdown menu implemented using a gallery? 

Please confirm if it is fixed now.

You will need to edit the app and publish the change again to see it fixed.

@ShantanuP yes the dropdown is a gallery.

@ShantanuP I have attempted to edit, save and publish the app and the new version shows that it is saving with the former PowerApps Release: 3.21081.49, but I am still getting the same issue when I open the published app. I have double checked that I am opening the right version as well.
One other thing that I have noticed is that I am always being asked to allow connection to SharePoint when I open the app either in studio or as the published app. This doesn't happen with any of the other apps I have that haven't been edited and published since this latest release.....
I am continuing to test and will come back soon with more information

@ShantanuP I have made a copy of the app that was working (I had re-instated) and when I modify this one, it maintains the PowerApps Release version and the menus are working, so I can now update the app for the time being - thank you.
I am still getting that request to allow connection to SharePoint every time I open the app in studio or as a published app.

Helper V
Helper V

@ShantanuP I now have a new issue that I believe is resulting in the fix applied above. Now anytime I make edits to the components, they are not getting picked up by the apps using them. I have published the changes to the component, then gone into a number of apps using them and even manually checking for updates results in there being none detected. I believe this has something to do with the release versions that were changed on the apps and not on the related components. Even though the apps and component file are on the same release version, they are not syncing anymore.....

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