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Compressing images

Hi, i have a powerapp jobcard that saves to a collection when submitted. It is then patch to sharepoint when online. The problem i am having is when someone attaches to many photos, it will not upload to sharepoint. There is no error messages just doesnt patch through. Is there a way to compress the images before sending to sharepoint?

Super User
Super User

Hi @Matt383 ,

No unfortunately - how many photos are you talking about here and how big are the photos?

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Hi Warren, 4 images. Ranging from 1mb - 4mb per image. If the images are small they go through fine, otherwise, the user has to delete images until it sends.

Hi @Matt383 ,

Very strange (I was expecting much bigger numbers). What is your Patch code (in a Code box </> if possible)?

Hi Warren,

both samples below are on the same submit button.

'PDFconvert-2'.Run('PDFconvert-2'.Run("<!DOCTYPE html>
<p><img src="&JSON(CollectGallery.Selected.Image5, JSONFormat.IgnoreBinaryData)&"</p>


Patch(KBX_Jobcard, Defaults(KBX_Jobcard),{Title: CollectGallery.Selected.Title,Date: CollectGallery.Selected.Date,Image1: CollectGallery.Selected.Image1,Image2: CollectGallery.Selected.Image2,Image3: CollectGallery.Selected.Image3,Image4: CollectGallery.Selected.Image4.....

Hi @Matt383 ,

In the first code, there is a Flow involved and you are sending JSON (I assume Base64 Text) to it, so I suspect the issue lies there. In the second code what type of fields are you patching the images to?

Hi Warren, yes, first code uses base64 and the flow converts data from collection into html.
The 2nd code is to patch to sharepoint. In regards to the image, this is a sample of what is transferred over to sharepoint.



Hi @Matt383 ,

So the second one is saving Base64 text into multi-line text fields? I assume the first one (you mentioned HTML) is embedding these in a PDF generated from OneDrive? Which one is not working (I assume the second one).I must admit we are on a very different path to what I imagined from your initial post and I cannot guarantee I will have anything useful to explain your issue (which I have never encountered).

Hi Warren, i had a look in the flow history and think i may of identified the issue;

The html content length cannot be greater than 2 MB


Do you know of a  way around this without using encodian?

Hi @Matt383 ,

Yes that would do it as well (I strike it doing PDF files on pictures), but there is no alternative I know of (and this has been confirmed in a couple of videos I have seen, particularly one from @RezaDorrani )

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