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Concat Combobox.SelectedItems from other gallery in same application



I am working on an application, in which each project has an editscreen with various comboboxs from which "Pillars", "Tech Partners" and "Senior Advisors" can be edited. All this data gets stored in one excel "MainTableSPM".


A new addition to the application is a seperate browsegallery for Senior Advisors, which adds information to "SeniorAdvisorSPM" excel table. I would like to drag just the SeniorAdvisorName into the "MainTableSPM" from the combobox.


To give an example I have the following properties in the "Tech Partners" combobox:

Label of ComboboxTechPartners (Update property):


Concat(ComboBox1.SelectedItems, Value, " , ")


TechPartnerDataCard (DefaultSelectedItems property):


If(EditForm1.Mode = FormMode.Edit, RenameColumns(Split(Parent.Default, ","), "Result", "Value"), Table())


TechPartnerDataCard (Items property):


[" ", "H2O", "InnTheBox","Pisano", "Tarentum", "Locatium", "Uservision","Game Play","Ritums"]



The above works perfectly. But since the [] Items property won't get updated when a new SeniorAdvisor gets added to SeniorAdvisorSPM I need to drag the information from the SeniorAdvisorSPM table into the Items property as follows:


SeniorAdvisorSPM.'Senior Advisor'


 However, when I do that I get an error in the Update property of the label:


Concat(SeniorAdvisorCombo.SelectedItems ,Value, " , ")



With the error "The function Concat has some invalid arguments: Location 'SeniorAdvisorEdit.Update' This is the label in the editform for the project which adds information in the MainTableSPM.



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Yes! That works perfectly. Thank you so much, always an amazing contribution to this forum! 🙂

It’s been a pleasure as usual working to solve your issue. Thank you for being so helpful during the problem solving process.

I will look forward to seeing your next question here.

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