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Concat displays different format in gallery than in label


I have an app that collect entries from four different categories. 
When they are reporting their work it is shown in a label on the screen using a bit of Concat: 





Concat(Sort(Distinct(Filter(DailyPlanning; Vecka= NumWeek; VeckoDag = DisplayDay.Day; Block= Label2.Text);Område);Result;Ascending) ; Concatenate(Result;" - " ;Char(10);Concat(Filter(DailyPlanning; Vecka= NumWeek; VeckoDag = DisplayDay.Day; Block= Label2.Text; Område=Result);Concatenate(Beskrivning; Char(10)));Char(10)))

But when I try to use the same code but place it within a Gallery so that I could show all records on a single page, the formatting is not being displayed. 




Below I think I have found a method that works using HTML text, by passing in <br> instead of Char(10) I can get the correct formatting. 

Can anyone explain why the formatting is lost? 


Thank you,







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Super User

The formatting is lost because a label can only show text in 1 format.  Your gallery has 3 labels with 3 different formats.  But your 'Concat' label is only 1 label and therefore can only have 1 format.


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I understand that a label can have only one size, color and if I want to show more that I need to use the HTML Text box instead. 


But I wonder why the label is not displaying the line feed characters and spacing that I have defined in the Concat? 
When it is not in a gallery, it seems to display correctly. When in a gallery, it works for the first column, but seems to break for the other "columns" of my horizontal gallery. 


Thank you, 




Share your code please.

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Okay. I have a screen1 where the users report the work they are planning. 




The black box is a text input, but I am not allowing the user to change anything. Simply using it to display the data. 

When I check "screen 2" I see that if I change to using a TextInput field it displays my data the way I expect:



So TextInput works. 
HTML works. 

But why is there different formatting for a Label? 

This is a gallery with Items property: ["Special";"Berg";"Mark";"Betong"]

There is one label displaying the name of the column



Then a label with the following code: 

Concat(Sort(Distinct(Filter(DailyPlanning; Vecka= NumWeek; VeckoDag = SelectedDay; Block= Label2.Text);Område);Result;Ascending) ; Concatenate(Result;" - " ;Char(10);Concat(Filter(DailyPlanning; Vecka= NumWeek; VeckoDag = SelectedDay; Block= Label2.Text; Område=Result);Concatenate(Beskrivning; Char(10)));Char(10)))


The Concat/Concatenate filters the data source by header rows and then writes out values in rows below. 
It seems to work fine for the first column. But not for any of the others? 


Thank you. 


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