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Helper I

Connection not configured for this device

Hi Team

As of today all of our Tablets (Android)  receive the bellow error when a flow is triggered

"Connection not configured for this service"




Anyone else experience this?

  • From a workstation is working
  • I have the same tablet and it works from my account
  • Re-create the flow is not helping


Any ideas will be appriciated


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Same here, only works with my account (developer of the app). Other users can't use the application.

Yes only Develop account works. i notice also that mostly is the issue with Android devices

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As a workaround, users can access the app through a web broswer. Just tested it here, it works.


We are sending them the direct URL (example bellow)




Yes but this is not a solution. is temporary. i have 100 devices outside and i need this to work 😄 
i even break down the apps / rebuild them but no luck.

Resolver I
Resolver I

same here. 


Things I’ve tried:


  • Rebuild the flow
  • Rebuild the app
  • Change the trigger (button)
  • Remove the changes
  • Rollback to previous version


The last one works, but obviously doesn’t reflect the new changes I wanted… if you trigger the flow on its own it works, so its clearly an issue with whatever service hands off a flow activation request from powerapps to flow – that’s my best thought anyhow.

Hi @Alex_Security 


I have try all above options with now luck.

i even re-build the application at the stage where the flow should be triggered again with no luck.


i have open a ticket with Microsoft Support team since Friday and wait to see what will happened.

Resolver I
Resolver I

Hi All,


think i may have cracked this one - it looks like somewhere the custom name for the flows are being kept in the app connections (on the left hand side) but in the button command, it is reverting to the default name. so if i named my flow "AlexFlow123" but the default would be "HTTP>GETMYPROFILE" essentially PA is requesting a flow with the former name whilst the connection is for the latter. by deleting the flow both from PA's connections and from the button command and readding my flows now work. 

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