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Context Variables not accessible


I'm having trouble with some context variables that don't appear on a form when first accessed. When I return to the previous screen and click on the button to access the form again, all the variables are accessible. The missing variables are drop down values that are passed as context variables in the navigate function. It works fine when testing in powerapps studio but not when accessing the published version.


First time form is accessed

first access.png 


Second time form is accessed

second access.png


I've tried various methods to get around this including setting the missing data as global variables but they are not accessible either. The global variables are in the bottom left corner. I've even tried to set context variables OnVisible from the global variables (which to exist) for the form screen but they don't work either.


Global and Context Variables set OnSelect 


//Set global values for drop downs
Set(OverallStatusValue, DataCardValue3_4.Selected);
Set(ScopeStatusValue, DataCardValue4_4.Selected);
Set(RiskStatusValue, DataCardValue6_4.Selected);
Set(BudgetStatusValue, DataCardValue5_4.Selected);
Set(ResourceStatusValue, DataCardValue7_4.Selected);
Set(CustomerSatisfactionStatusValue, DataCardValue36_6.Selected);
Set(ScheduleStatusValue, DataCardValue35_6.Selected);

        CopiedOverAllStatus: DataCardValue3_4.Selected,
        CopiedScopeStatus: DataCardValue4_4.Selected,
        CopiedRiskStatus: DataCardValue6_4.Selected,
        CopiedBudgetStatus: DataCardValue5_4.Selected,
        CopiedResourceStatus: DataCardValue7_4.Selected,
        CopiedCustomerSatisfactionStatus: DataCardValue36_6.Selected,
        CopiedScheduledStatus: DataCardValue35_6.Selected,
        IsCopiedItem: true,
        WeekSelected: WeekSelected,
        ProjectVariable: ProjectVariable,
        WebLink: WebLink,
        CurrentWeek: CurrentWeek,
        WeekRangeParam: WeekRangeParam,
        UpdateWeek: UpdateWeek,
        CustomerVariable: CustomerVariable,
        CopiedStatusSummary: DataCardValue37_6.Text,
        CopiedOverAllStatusComments: DataCardValue11_4.Text,
        CopiedScopeStatusComments: DataCardValue12_4.Text,
        CopiedScheduledStatusComments: DataCardValue13_4.Text,
        CopiedBudgetStatusComments: DataCardValue14_4.Text,
        CopiedRiskStatusComments: DataCardValue15_4.Text,
        CopiedResourceStatusComments: DataCardValue16_4.Text,
        CopiedCustomerSatisfactionStausComments: DataCardValue17_4.Text,
        CopiedActLastWeek: DataCardValue41_6.Text,
        CopiedActMissed: DataCardValue1.Text,
        CopiedActThisWeek: DataCardValue42_6.Text,
        CopiedEACPSA: Radio1_6.Selected



Context Variables set OnVisible on StatusDetailCopy screen that contains form

UpdateContext({ScopeTestValue: ScopeStatusValue.Value});
UpdateContext({OverallTestValue: OverallStatusValue.Value});
UpdateContext({BudgetTestValue: BudgetStatusValue.Value});
UpdateContext({ResourceTestValue: ResourceStatusValue.Value});
UpdateContext({CustomerSatisfactionTestValue: CustomerSatisfactionStatusValue.Value});
UpdateContext({RiskTestValue: RiskStatusValue.Value});
UpdateContext({ScheduleTestValue: ScheduleStatusValue.Value})

 I've checked to confirm the global variables are set and they are. 


Screenshot 2019-02-06 at 11.48.17.png


The context variables also exist. 


Screenshot 2019-02-06 at 11.48.17.png


I've run out of ideas to ensure the variables are present when first accessing the form. Any suggestions or advice is welcome!



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