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Helper III

Contract failure: Construction of a PABinary always result in a valid instance



I am getting below issue while uploading image to sharepoint by taking image from mobile . Its really urgent . Suddenly it stopped working . 


"Contract failure: Construction of a PABinary always result in a valid instance"

Quick help will really be appriciated.





Hi @gautmish, we have found the root cause of the issue and we hope to have a fix shipped within a couple of weeks. I will try to provide an update as it becomes more clear on the actual ship date of the fix.




Hi @Delid4ve


The process you have mentioned below , you are taking about MSflow right .


but if i am taking image from camera , my workflow is not triggering , it is failing on powerapps stage . 


Please let me know if i am not understanding something 




Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

MS have confirmed in this post an issue with the filesize and causing PABinary error.


Apologies i got these round the worng way,This is my method for PenInput and Camera Images:



Save the peninput to a collection, (contentbytes)

In Flow, Add an SQL action create rows, table name: (can be a 2 colum table with ID and a VarBinary(MAX) column), Columndata: Ask in powerapps (set this to your collection contentbytes)

Now you can use this however you want, ie: in a html document as per my previous post


Camera Image:

In Power apps when taking an image:

Collect(Images,{ContentBytes: Substitute(Text(CameraName.Stream,"[$-en-US]"),"data:image/png;base64,","")})

(you must set a stream value for the camera control - i found the camera to be very jerky after changing this to 100 (the minimum) so i use a context variable before and after my button to set the camera stream to 100, take the picture, then set it back to 0)


In Flow Initialise a variable type:string Value: ask in powerapps (this is your contentbytes)

In Flow add a data operation Compose, Set its input to an Expression, Conversion Function, Base64ToBinary(value)

The function should be:


You can now use the output of this as File Content, for instance to create a file in onedrive (file extension jpg)



Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

A word of warning, if you dont have a valid value in the contentbytes for an image the flow will fail.  You can set the actions after it to run on success or fail to negate this issue if the image is not critical.

Hi @Delid4ve,


Thanks for the reply , Pen input images are working properly for me .


Hope picture issue will be resolved soon . @codyrplante 🙂 




Hi @AllenKim,


Any update on this . Any timeline when this is going to be fixed .




We're hoping to ship a fix in about a week.

And? Still no update?

The updated Android and iOS versions should be fully available by Friday, 5/11.

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