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Control Text Property returns Blank even though it has value

I have a form in Canvas App which is connected to a SharePoint list. It has a numeric field. So when submitting the form I'm checking if that field (CreditCardNumber) has sixteen digits entered.


OnSelect Submit Button - If(Len(CreditCardNumber.Text) <> 16,Notify("Please Enter 16 Digit Credit Card Number",NotificationType.Error),SubmitForm(Form1);NewForm(Form1));





So now the issue I m facing is even though I have entered(16 digits) value in the field the "CreditCardNumber.Text" is returning blank. It was working fine a day before but now its returning blank and I m getting the notification message "Please Enter 16 Digit Credit Card Number" as a result.





When I tried to see if the same thing works in OnChange property of the field, there its ("CreditCardNumber.Text") showing the value.





I am not able to figure out why its returning blank in OnSelect or anywhere else other than OnChange of the field.


Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Thanks for the help in advance!

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Super User

To be honest I am not exactly sure why text input fields even have an OnSelect property.    That property is so you can tell it what happens when someone clicks on the text field.


OnChange is where the 'magic' happens.   When the value changes, do something.


Try this instead in your Submit button.   This will eliminate the need to have a collection of the result of the split, as split creates a table that you can use.


    (Count(Len(Split(CreditCardNumber.Text, "")).Result) <> 16,Notify("Please Enter 16 Digit Credit Card Number",NotificationType.Error),SubmitForm(Form1);NewForm(Form1));


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Super User

Hi @AadilAhmed ,

You are yet another victim of this bug - hopefully it will be fixed soon. In the meantime, you could set a Variable on the OnChange of the Text control and test for that.

I require the table created by spilt there is a big functionality depending on that table from split. For a normal text field this OnChange is working fine but for a field embedded in EDIT FORM from a SharePoint list its not working as expected. Wanted to see if this is a bug.

So a field in edit form with SharePoint list as a data source cant create a collection on OnChange of that field?

Hi @AadilAhmed ,

You need to do some testing on that - the bug does not seem to be consistent.

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