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Helper V
Helper V

Controlling the TabIndexes on a Power Apps Screen

Hello All, 


Assuming I have a few buttons and text boxes on a Canvas app screen (and not on a form).  How do I ensure that I set the right order of tab index? Meaning, from top to bottom, I have set my tab indexes as 1, 2, 3 etc.


But once I reach the final control on the screen and if I tab out then, how do I set the focus back on the control with tab index of 1? Yes, if they click on that final control, which is  a button in all my screens, I can always set the focus. But in case the visually impaired user does not click on that button,  which event can I use or how do I ensure that the movement on the screen is circular when they keep hitting tab (i.e. the focus goes back to the top most control with tab index 1)?



Resolver II
Resolver II

That's a really interesting question - in my tests the the tabbing runs off the PowerApp and starts selecting items from the browser - definitely not what you want in most cases I would imagine!


However there doesn't appear to be an obvious way to do this. 

There is no event fired that I can see when an item is tabbed to, and there is no accessible property for the Screen that shows  the current tab index. 


Sorry I can't be of more help .. I'm interested to see if anyone knows  the answer to this....

Thanks for trying it out, @DavidBraendler . Yeah, there is no event like LostFocus() or keyPress() that we can code in and set the focus back to control 1.  It just keeps going everywhere.


Since our audience are visually impaired, it is kind of very awkward. 

Helper V
Helper V

 I had opened another ticket a few hours ago, covering the exact behavior you have noted here. Just in case I get a solution here, I would paste the link on the other ticket as well. 

Resolver II
Resolver II


FYI I tried setting the tab index to a variable to see if you could force PowerApps to jump to a specific control dynamically. This works, but doesn't actually solve the problem .. you still send up going off the screen at some point. 

Yep:-). There is no way to make the tab indexes move in a circular way and NOT go off screen.  Even to set that variable, we need an on-focus event. If the user "selects" (hits Enter) the button which luckily is the final control of the tab order in all my forms, then yes. I can move the focus back to Control 1. But it is still best if we can control all the tab indexes by code. 

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

You may be able to use SetFocus(<NextControl>) in the OnChange parameter of those troublesome controls.

New Member


I am having the same issue I see there hasn't been any update for a while.


Has anyone on here found a solution to remove the browser elements when tabbing?


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