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Copy info from website info - table format


Is there any way to select text from a website (it is formatted on the website as a table with multiple columns) and then paste that into something - Excel spreadsheet or MS form or Powerapps form - and then pull the variables that I want from the info that was pasted?


Website Example:

 Order number:        435345345 

 Customer:               Mr. Smith

 Phone:                    555-1212

 Color:                     Blue

 Size:                        Medium

 Date:                      11/20/20


I would like to do a quick select and copy of the above table and paste it into powerapps or a form, or somewhere - and then have the flow programed to pull out the data of the -- order number, phone and date -- and add only that to my sharepoint list or send it to me in an email. I don't need the other information but it would save a lot of time if I could just copy the entire section off the screen and paste it in shot instead of copying and pasting individual information.


Thanks for any ideas - even if they are only a partial idea of how this might work



Community Support
Community Support

Hello BeckyC,


There are a couple things you would first want to confirm.
1. is this a set table with information you would always consistently grab.

2. are you planning for the table to be updated / modified relatively frequently(say at least once a week or a couple times a month)

3. is this data you have access through other mean besides the website(I.E. is your organization uploading it to the website or are you just pulling it directly from the website).



The reason for this is there are a couple routes you could go from there. If this is just a one time grab, you should be able to just copy and past it into an excel spreadsheet and make that a table(Tables are required for the Excel connector). This will then let you do with it as you wish.


Whereas if you have access to the data before it is uploaded to the website(I.E. your organization manages the website), you may want to speak with the section of your org that manages it to see if they have an already existing system that could include either a SharePoint or excel file.

Note: Another form of access would be if this is updated using an application your organization has access to the API for, as you can create a custom connector for it should there not be a connector that already exists.


Otherwise, if you do not have access to the info outside of from pulling from the web page directly and there is going to be frequent grabbing of the info to update. You may want to look at something like a UI Flow

UI flows let you setup a automate process of keyboard strokes and Mouse clicks that can be used to interact with screens and applications that do not have an API(or ability to do an HTTP Get request) so that you can still automate the grabbing of info. The idea with this would be that if you have to frequently check for updates to see if the data changes you would use a combination of mouse and keyboard inputs to grab the entire list, then with that list grab you can put it into an excel spreadsheet to trigger a second flow or even setup the flow that runs the UI flow to validate the info with what you currently have to identify any changes.


Have a good day,


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