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Helper I
Helper I

Count empty rows in a gallery


I am trying to count empty rows in a gallery but it returns false when all rows are empty, what am i missing?

i also want to patch only the rows that have data to my source.

Super User
Super User

Hey @tu22 


This is my gallery:




To count the empty rows: 

I applied the following formula on a text label:




Helper I
Helper I

@Sundeep_Malik yes i tried this but it doesn't give me the desired output. as seen in the screenshot, the comments column is empty but it returns false instead of true.

first, i am trying to test for blank columns

then, i am trying to count how many rows in the gallery are blank

finally, i am trying to patch the non-blank rows to my datasource.

Helper II
Helper II

Here are a couple of things to try:

1) try using IsBlankOrError() instead of IsBlank() to see if that gives you the desired results.


2) If you are using a Collection to populate your Gallery, then try the following:

  a) when you load your Source Collection, also create a copy called colEdit.

  b) add a new Column to the colEdit collection named "Updated" and set the default value to 0.

  c) for the OnChange event of your controls in the Gallery Template, use a Patch statement on the colEdit Collection to update the column/field that is changed and set the "Updated" column to 1.

  d) Assuming you have a button or something similar to kick off the row updates to your data source, filter the colEdit Collection using "Updated" = 1.


This should allow you to only update/patch your data source with the changes that have been made.


Assumptions: Your Source Collection has a unique identifier so that ThisItem.ID or something similar would be valid.


You might be wondering "why use two collections? Just added the Updated field to a single collection." In my use of Galleries and Collections, I have found that having a Source collection and an Edit Collection allows things to work as expected. If you Patch the Source Collection with updates, you sometimes end up with a Refresh on the Gallery with unintended results. Note: You can use a Collect statement on your Source and Edit Collection to add a new row/item and that does not cause a Refresh issue (for whatever reason).

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