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Create Event in Outlook calendar - Date format invalid

Hi there, 

I'm trying to create a new event from my PowerApp in a connected Outlook calendar.

I established the connection and it is working fine. I can access my calendar, read events... I also made sure that timezones on my computer and Microsoft 365 are the same. Plus I watched both videos by Todd and Shane and did exactly what they did. And I went through the app "Out of Office" App.

So what do I do: I have a screen with four controls

- two date pickers (StartDatePicker and EndDatePicker) and

- two drop downs (StartTimePicker and EndTimePicker)

From the drop downs I pick the time value which is linked to the number of minutes since midnight.


DateAdd( StartDatePicker.SelectedDate, StartTimePicker.Selected.Minutes, Minutes)


That gives me a proper date value. But when I send it to Outlook I get this error:


"String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.\r\nclientRequestId: 2dc28628-e60c-4f87-92fc-fd061c0de988"


Whatever I do with the date now I can't get it to work. 

Converting it via


DateTimeValue( Text( DateAdd( StartDatePicker.SelectedDate, StartTimePicker.Selected.Minutes, Minutes)))


doesn't make a difference.

I even took the date from the picker apart and split it into Day(), Month() and Year() and put it back in multiple ways:

Year()-Month()-Day(), Month()-Day()-Year()...

Each version triggers the same error except "Month()-Day()-Year()" which creates an event but on a wrong day (I sent 31 December 2020 and Outlook created an event on 12 July 2022).

I'm sure it is an issue with the date format but I can't get my head around it. The Monitor function is a big help in spotting the issue but I just don't understand why the message sent to Outlook


"body": {
    "subject": "Jenny & Reiner",
    "start": "20/07/2020 08:00",
    "end": "22/07/2020 09:30",
    "timeZone": "UTC",
    "body": "Erzeugt von Reiner Knudsen am 20/07/2020"


Doesn't do what I want it to do.

HELP please!!!

Edited: I followed some advise here and change the PostItem call:


    DateTimeValue( Text( _startTimeUTC, DateTimeFormat.UTC)),
    DateTimeValue( Text( _endTimeUTC, DateTimeFormat.UTC)),
    "(UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna",
    {body: "Erzeugt von " & User().FullName & " am " & Today()}




_startTimeUTC: DateAdd(varStartDatum, varStartZeit, Minutes),
_endTimeUTC: DateAdd(varEndeDatum, varEndeZeit, Minutes)


It still doesn't like the DateTimeFormat...


Accepted Solutions
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I solved this by moving back to the V2-Connector. And that one doesn't have an issue at all. Strange!

View solution in original post

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I solved this by moving back to the V2-Connector. And that one doesn't have an issue at all. Strange!

Good tip, that V4 connector also gives me that problem.

Thank you, I had the same error using V4 connector and was scratching my head for days. I've changed it to V2 and it is now working perfecytly!!

New Member

Fixed, albeit in a clunky way. I'm working from a planner task assigned to me, and get the Start Date Time property. I cannot use it directly to create an Outlook Event as it contains a timezone, and the V4 connector needs a timestamp without timezone (date-no-tz).
The Start Date Time contains a value like this: "2021-11-01T10:00:00Z". It's the 'Z' (= Zulu time) that's causing the problem. To fix that, I put the Start Date Time in a variable:


Then, I strip the 'Z' from the variable:


The value contains: 


replace(triggerOutputs()?['body/startDateTime'], 'Z', '')


In this formula, replace triggerOutputs()?['body/startDateTime'] with your own string.

Note: If you're certain you always have a value for start date time, you can of course use the function of my second step directly. I do it in a second step because I check for null before trying to strip the 'Z'. Not all tasks in planner have a start date.

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