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Create Summary (non-mobile)

I have done a lot of google Fu on this matter and what I found has not been helpful. I would be grateful for any assistance. To avoid further questions in this post, please be as concise as possible as I am new to Power Apps.


There are many different field types. A few of them are multiline text, people and some are dropdown multiple choice, the data they use is from different SharePoint lists. The data will be submitted to a single SharePoint list.


What I need to do:

I need to display a summary of user selected fields from other screens “before” submitting as well as after.


Please reframe from referring to any mobile app or gallery information.


Please & thanks

Super User III
Super User III

Hi @Anomadeus,


Take a look at  I think you will find all the information that you need there.

Thank you for your reply. After reviewing your link. I did not find an answer to my question.

This is to create a table gallery. This is not what I’m requesting.

Hi @Anomadeus


Collecting the data from the various sources and patching it into the list is the more difficult part and I think that the site I referred to addresses that part.  Displaying a summary of the collected data is easier.  You just need a Display form with the DataSource set to your sharepoint list say "source" and the Item set to Last(source).  If the list is large the item property could be First(Sort(source,ID,Descending)).  

Thanks for your reply. I'll try to explain this another way.

 I need to display a summary for only one items data, in a comprehensive way BEFORE that data is submitted to the data source.


Saying another way, I need the users selected field data from the fields on previous screens collected and displayed before it is written to the item in the data source.


Basically, I want the user to review what they have selected, before they submit it. Your reply it seems that it would only be reading the item from the data source, not the selected data entered by the user.

Hi @Anomadeus,


Sorry for the delay but I think I understand better what you were looking for, (Correct me if I'm wrong) and i was trying some different solutions to see if they worked.  You are trying to create a new item for a Sharepoint list that you can review before you do a final submission and you did not want to use a Gallery or DataTable control in the solution.  I initially tried to set up a collection and view it in an Edit Form but this proved impossible because Powerapps will not permit Edit or Display Forms to use a collection as a data source.  In the example below, I used one of my own Sharepoint lists called Doctors to write to.  I placed controls on several screens to collect the data with Navigation buttons to move forward or backward.  On the third (Summary) screen, i placed labels that referenced the properties of the controls on the previous screens to view the data before it is submitted to the Sharepoint list. The controls are named in lowercase for the data they contain.  The Save button uses the Collect() function to write to the list.  in this case, Collect(Doctors,{Fname:fname.Text, Lname:lastname.Text, Address:address.Text, City:city.Text, ZipCode:zip.Text, PracticeName:group1.Text, Referring:referring1.Selected.Result}).  I believe that this solution meets your requirements regarding multiple screens, different types of controls, and a summary that shows the data prior to saving it in the Sharepoint list. Although not shown, you could add another button to reset all the controls to their defaults and return to the 1st screen to enter a new item.   II hope this helps.  

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