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Create a PDF with table populated from a Gallery



currently I'm trying to "print" a PDF document by pressing a button in my PowerApp which triggers a flow, that creates the document.


It seems to work, but since I tried to insert data from my gallery as a table in my html I doesn't work.  In the power app the elements can be seen (marked in yellow), but the flow won't consider the data and the print looks like this. (see second picture)


The HTML code for the PDF looks like this:



"<!DOCTYPE html>

<h2>Matchmaker Task Report - " & User().FullName & "</h2>

<p>Average rating: "&Round(Sum(Gallery2.AllItems,Rating_Stars)/Count(Gallery2.AllItems.Rating_Stars),1) &"</p>
<p>Average % of fulfillment: " & Round(Sum(Gallery2.AllItems,Rating_PercentComplete)/Count(Gallery2.AllItems.Rating_PercentComplete),1) & " %</p>


<h2>Completed Tasks</h2>
<p>"& Concat(Gallery2.AllItems,
        <td> <h3>" & Title & " </h3> </td>
        <td> <h4> Description: </h4>" & 'Task Description' & " </td>
        <td> Estimated Effort: " & 'Estimated Effort' & " </td>
    </tr>") &"


<img src=" & VarFullFace &" style='width:200px;height:'200px'>
Date of Report: " & Now() &"




Image 1: PowerApps HTML with table


Image 2: Final PDF without Table



Super User
Super User

Hi @itriada98,

Try wrapping the table in <table> / </table> tags.


If that doesn't work, can you please post a the full HTML code for the example you have given?


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