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Create an Inventory count sheet

Hi Everyone, 


I just found out about this application while surfing the App Store on my iPad. Please allow some latitude with the new guy. 


Before I invest time into understanding if this environment can or can't do what I am hoping it can, I have a question. 


Is it possible with this tool to create an inventory count sheet that can be filled out by a user using a tablet? I will export the data so that I can import into MS-Access to complete the analytical stage of reconciling my inventory. 





Super User
Super User

It is possible. You can watch this for Star t

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Super User
Super User

Hi Gregg

Yes, I think that PowerApps would be a good tool to use for this job.

You can create a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, save this to OneDrive, and use this as the data source for your application. This would provide a simple route for you to import the data entries into MS Access.

Feel free to post back if you have any further questions.

Thanks for the YouTube link. 


After watching the video, I see the potential of using a shopping cart function to build out a proof of concept. 


Thanks again, 

Thanks for your feedback. 


I just need to find time to build out a proof of concept. 


Thanks again, 


Community Champion
Community Champion

I would suggest using a sharepoint list to store the data. The reason is, that will connect well with Access with no extra steps. In Access you can connect directly to the SharePoint list to pull in the data. I use Access to run queries and monitor several complicated apps I have. 


You will not be able to modify any of the data from would have to create and append query and move to a table in Access to add that capability. They work well together for this type of stuff. 


I started with Access first (before using PowerApps) so I still layout my data how I would in Access. There is an AutoID for each line on a sharepoint list that is there just isn't visible by default but you can make it show and use it if you want. 

Helper V
Helper V

n order to use the inFlow Count Sheet template, you’ll want to make sure these fields are filled out:

Decide which area of the warehouse the current count sheet will correspond to. Place this info into the “Location” field at the top.
Pull the item names from your product list and paste them into the “Item Name/SKU” column, and then paste the current quantities (according to your records) into the “Recorded Qty” column.
Print the count sheet out and make sure all pages are printed properly.
Fill out the name of the person assigned to this section in the “Name” field.
Write the current date into the Start Date field in the footer. This is really more to help for record-keeping in the future, so that you’ll know what day this count sheet was from.
The person who signed in step four should now begin counting their section of the warehouse, one item at a time. The final tallies for each product should be placed in the Counted Qty column.
When you’re done with counting, you can calculate the “Difference” column by subtracting the Counted Qty from the Recorded Qty.
You’ll also want whoever is in charge to sign the footer and record the End date.



This sounds like it will be a big help in getting my proof of concept built. 


Thanks again, 


Regular Visitor

Hello Everyone, 


I wanted to give you an update on my progress. 


I have been able to create a successful proof of concept. 


I have shown this to a few people and they are very interested in moving forward. 


I want to thank all of you for your encouragement and support. 




Thanks for the update Gregg - good luck with your project!

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