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Create pdf from PowerApps form and upload it to SalesForce

I need to generate a pdf file from PowerApps and upload it to SalesForce. I don't think there is a direct way so can anyone suggest any way around.

I also need to upload pdf to salesForce as well as view attachment saved in Sales Force.


Thanks, Shane. Definately helped.


First of all HELLO ALL, I'm pretty new on this forum. 


My problem is that i have managed to get the flow to pass data to HTML and convert it to PDF, but in powerapps flow is throwing problem and i believe it is to do with .Text arguement after textinputfieldname (as in Flow.Run(textinputfieldname.Text). I should probably mention that i am working from a form. 

Also, i am not sure at all how to work with different fields than text in this scenario, what if there's dropdown box? 


Many thanks to you all for your input so far and any further help

Kind regards, 


@summitb and @MilesB__RP 

Hi everybody

Also, the following Video, explain it very simple! And you will not be involved with complex scripting and HTML codes!

Simply pass the variables in an MS-Word template on Flow and create a PDF file from a SharePoint list.


Usually, working & designing .docx files are simpler, and you have more flexible tools and are even more attractive than HTML files as a template.

Best Regards,


Advocate III
Advocate III

Thanks for everyone's input on this.  I followed these instructions and now my PowerApps form will create a PDF and place it into a document library using Flow.


Now, the next issues to resolve are these:

  -The flow will error if the file already exists.  Is there a method to check if the file already exists and do not display the button in PowerApps if it already exists?

  -How do I allow the user to download the PDF from within PowerApps?

  I was thinking of displaying the contents of the file in the PDF Viewer control, although it does not appear that the PDF Viewer allows the user to download the PDF file. 
  I found a method on displaying the PDF from the document library in the PDF Viewer control, but because there is a delay in the flow execution, of 5 to 10 seconds, when the user selects the button to launch the flow, I have to figure out how to delay showing the PDF Viewer control until after the PDF is created by the flow.


Any suggestions?

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Hi All, I have successfully created the flow in Power Automate and the HTML in Power Apps however my document is 12 pages long and in the HTML I can only get 2-3 pages and on the PDF it brings across nothing any help appreciated?

I will answer my own questions.


How to set up flow to overwrite the file if it already exists?

  • Set "Allow chunking" to Off.

How to allow the user to download the PDF from within PowerApps?

  • I set the flow to email it to the user instead.

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