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Creatiing an On Demand Load button to load data from Sharepoint


I have created a sheet that allows another department to generate a quote and save that data to a sharepoint list. I am trying to create a way for them to retrieve the data from the List.  Initially I created a Drop Down Menu (ExistingQuote) that looked at the list and filtered by the username to create a smaller subset of quotes for them to look through. In each Text Input field I had a formula akin to  If(!IsBlank(ExistingQuote.SelectedText.Value),LookUp('Dealer Support Services',ProjectName_DateTime=ExistingQuote.SelectedText.Value).TagFloor,"Tag/Floor") in the Default function.


The unintended consequence is that upon starting the app it overwrites all the fields with the first project in the list. For me this wasn't an issue as there was a blank line. I do not want to create a blank line for each user as that adds some errors into the list. I wanted to create a button that loaded the info from the list on demand. I created a button with the formula in the OnSelect function TagFloor.Text = LookUp('Dealer Support Services',ProjectName_DateTime=ExistingQuote.SelectedText.Value).TagFloor  but that does not seem to really do anything. I hit the button and nothing happens. I tried creating a new Label and seeing if I could update the text value in the label but still nothing.  I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what I am either doing wrong or another way to attack this issue.


Thanks in advance.

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Sorry, but I am confused by this explanation of your issue.


  • What do you mean by overwrites all the fields with the first project in the list?
  • What do you want to happen instead?
  • Can you share some screenshots of your app showing what the issue is and what you'd like to have happen?
  • Please also supply any relevant code


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Thanks for getting back to me @mdevaney .

Hopefully, this helps. If you look at the png's attached, PowerApps-Defaults is what I see when I open the app but that is because the existing quote field is blank. It is blank as I have an item in our SharePoint list that is blank. However, others do not so when they open the app the existing quote field is populated which automatically populates the fields as shown in PowerApps-Projects. The end result of Projects is what we want but only if the user chooses a project, otherwise it should always open with all the default values.


I hope that helps.

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